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Beautiful Pink and Orange Table

This beautiful pink and orange table has lots of pumpkins and pretty glassware. It makes an elegant fall or Halloween table and can be used again for Thanksgiving.

How to Get This Pink and Orange Table Look

This look works for almost any fall table. It is bright and non-traditional with the addition of pink. Also, it is perfect for a non-scary table for Halloween, so be sure to scroll to the end for a simple way to add a Halloween surprise! In addition to Halloween, this table is bright and cheerful for Thanksgiving.

Choosing the Colors for this Pink and Orange Table

The inspiration for this pink and orange table inspired me after I saw a box of pumpkins in four colors: light pink, dark pink, orange, and white. They were so cute that I couldn’t resist using them on a fall table. But I didn’t realize just how easily these four colors could work on an elegant table for different fall occasions.

Choosing the Linens

Tablecloth for Pink and Orange Table

I picked between three tablecloths: a white one, an orange one with gold block-printed leaves, and a pink and green one. Although it is easier to design a table using a white tablecloth, I decided to use the pink and green tablecloth because the colorful little pumpkins looked so pretty against it. But I couldn’t resist using the orange block-printed tablecloth too, so I placed it on a nearby sideboard to serve as a background color.

The tablecloth I used is made from fabric that is not available anymore. However, to get a similar look for your table, look for block-printed tablecloths with paisleys in pink and orange, light pink and dark pink, or muted pink and green.

Napkins for Pink and Orange Table

I mixed linen hemstitched and cotton blush-colored napkins for this table. Neither is available anymore; click here for a substitute.

Choosing the Dinnerware

I tried several plates on this table but eventually settled on these white plates called New Castle from Lenox. I used the dinner and salad plates and stacked them on pink glass chargers (Vietri). Finally, I placed orange pumpkin bowls with lids on top of the stack to serve Pumpkin Corn Chowder.

Tabletop Tip: White plates are the easiest color to work with because they can be used with most patterned and colored table linens. Although I love patterned plates, I don’t get nearly as much use out of them as versatile white plates.

Choosing the Glassware

I used two glasses for this table: a champagne coupe with a gold rim and a water glass with gold. The water glasses had a similar swirl pattern as the tablecloth, and the champagne coupe is one of my favorite glasses. It works well with different table looks and is fun to use for different types of beverages.

Choosing the Candles and Holders

I decided to use tall taper candles on this table in light pink and pale orange and place them in brass candle holders. You could also substitute ivory or white taper candles in place of the colored candles. Additionally, you can use battery-operated tapers in place of real candles. Then you don’t have to worry about wax falling on your tablecloth. Although initially more expensive than real candles, faux candles become less expensive the longer you use them because they don’t melt away. You will only need to replace the batteries occasionally. However, the downside of faux candles is that they don’t have the same ambiance as lit candles at nighttime.

Choosing Flowers

I wanted to use pink and orange flowers for this table. Fortunately, I found what I was looking for at Trader Joe’s. I mainly used lots of country roses with lots of petals in orange and pink shades. Then I added some pink camellias stems from a shrub outside my house.

Flower Tips:

  • Did you know that you can add faux flowers to an arrangement of real flowers to make it fuller? You can buy many silks and real-touch flowers made so well that they are indistinguishable from fresh flowers! 
  • Look to your yard or garden for cuttings that you can use as fillers to enhance the look of your arrangement.
  • Always cut off a couple of inches from the bottom of the stems of bought flowers. Stem cutting will give the flower a fresh place to absorb water because stems usually age from the bottom and work up.

Finding Colorful Pumpkins

I found the small faux pumpkins in pink and orange at Target and supplemented small real orange pumpkins with them. You can also usually search and find these types of pumpkins on Etsy. If not, make your own colorful pumpkins with spray paint!

  • Buy several mini white and orange (real) pumpkins.
  • Set aside half of the pumpkins–these will be the white and orange colors you use on your table.
  • Then to the other half, paint half with light pink spray paint and the other half with a medium pink color. Be sure to use painter’s tape on the stems to keep the paint off the stems.
  • Let them dry, and then mix them with the (set aside) orange and white pumpkins.

Pumpkin Soup Bowls

These pumpkin “soup bowls” with lids were sold as brie bakers, but I thought they made perfect soup bowls! Here is a link to other bowls similar to them.

Pumpkin Vase for Flowers

The flower vase is a ceramic, lidded pumpkin my mother got from a fall festival. But you can use a real pumpkin if you want the same look. Buy a large jack ‘o lantern-type pumpkin and cut a large lid at the top. Clean the inside of the pumpkin and level the bottom of it. Then insert a tall vase with flowers. The drawback? You might smell pumpkin while dining!

An elegant pink and orange table is pretty and tasty with a bottle of champagne.

How to Add a Spooky Element to the Table

If you want to add a touch of “unsettling” Halloween to this pink and orange table, try adding a few sparkly black bats or a couple of black crows. Black and sparkly always add a bit of Halloween glam to an elegant table. But you can add an unexpected element with a candy bowl!

This pumpkin candy bowl has a skeletal hand inside on top of the treats! It has just enough presence to give the table a spooky and fun vibe but doesn’t take away from the overall look. Take away the hand, and the table works perfectly for a non-traditional and colorful Thanksgiving table!

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