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A Pink and Gold Christmas

It’s funny how talk of a pink Thanksgiving table translated into a pink Christmas table. My sister loves pink, and we were discussing a pink idea for Thanksgiving. However, Thanksgiving blew by (without the pink table decor), and I was still left thinking about a pink table.

Modern Pink Christmas Table

I wanted to create a table that was pretty, not too Victorian, and modern but not too sparse. And finally, and probably most important, I wanted to be able to turn this Christmas table into a New Year’s Eve table when Christmas was over. Click here to see how this pink Christmas table became a pink New Year’s Eve table.

White Plates and Gold Glassware

This table, with white plates and gold glasses, was the third look I attempted. Earlier versions included clear plates and pink glasses. In the end, I used white plates and fewer glasses on the table, which was better. If your table looks too busy, it probably is. Try editing out a few things and see if you like it better.

Christmas Trees

This table began with a white tablecloth and various sizes and colors of bottle brush trees. I made a pink tree with a foam cone bought at a craft store. Then I wrapped pink fuzzy yarn around the cone and attached it with hot glue. I ran a glue stick all over the yard on the finished tree and then sprinkled glitter all over it.

Add Small Gifts to the Table

I wrapped little gifts for guests and placed them in the center of the table to extend the centerpiece. Chocolate makes a great take-home gift. A gift doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, but guests feel special when you go to the trouble to wrap a present for them to take home. In this case, the gifts are also part of the table decorations.

Use Ornaments in the Centerpiece

I also added ornaments to the centerpiece to help extend it to the length of the table. Use ornaments that match your table colors, but be sure they also match the style you want to convey- in this case, a modern Christmas table.

Pink and gold chargers, gold flatware and glassware, and pink napkins completed the place settings.

Decorate the Napkins

To make the napkin decoration, I used a gold-colored ribbon and gold cording. First, I placed a gold ribbon (with the ends hot-glued together) around the napkins. Then I cut a length of gold cording that would fit around the napkin. I placed two small ornaments on the cording and hot-glued the ends together. Finally, I tucked a sprig of pine between the ornaments to finish the napkin.

Enjoy the rest of the photos!

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