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Red Poppies Table

This red poppies table was designed as a red and white table for patriotic or other occasions; however, I think it is beautiful for a Memorial Day table. In the United States, poppies serve as a remembrance for fallen soldiers. This tradition was born during World War I when Canadian physician Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote the poem “In Flanders Fields” after noticing red poppies growing on the battlefield in Flanders, Belgium.

Symbolic Red Color

The red flower color symbolizes the bloodshed of fallen soldiers. Later, in 1920, the American Legion made the red poppy its official flower to memorialize soldiers who perished in battle. However, in some countries, the red poppy represents veterans. In the U.S., National Poppy Day is observed on the Friday before Memorial Day.

Red Poppies Table

Red and White Table

This vibrant red and white table uses poppies in the floral centerpiece arrangement and baking cups with red poppies to hold fresh fruit. This table can be used for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any occasion when you want a red table. Even though poppies are symbolic of Memorial Day and veterans, they are pretty enough to use anytime.

Red Poppies Table

Red Candles for a Red Poppies Table

I like to place candles on a table to fill up empty spaces. Tall candle holders with tapered candles can give your table height when needed. In this case, the red taper candles give the table color. You can change them with red, white, and blue candles to make the table more patriotic.

Red Poppies Table

Wicker Placemats for Red Poppies Table

This table started with a white tablecloth and wicker placemats, followed by white dinnerware. I would also have liked this table with a red-patterned tablecloth with white background. However, I find it hard to beat a crisp white tablecloth with red accents!

Red Poppies Table

Tie a Red Bow Around the Napkins

I tied a red velvet ribbon around the napkins and then tucked a sprig of fresh mint behind the ribbon. Use other greenery you like, or add a white or red flower. You can also leave the red ribbons bare since they are so vibrant, but the extra detail is nice at each place setting. If you don’t have live greenery to use, use faux.

Poppies Table

Centerpiece Arrangement for the Red Poppies Table

I used all red and white in the centerpiece arrangement, including poppies and anemones–which look very much alike. However, they belong to different families. Poppies belong to the Papaveraceae group, and anemones belong to the Ranunculaceae group. Poppy petals are wider than anemone petals. If you compare the two, you will find that anemone petals are more oval and elongated. However, to the untrained eye, they look almost identical. In this arrangement, the poppies are red, and the anemones are white.

Real-Touch Flowers

It is not always easy to find live flowers when you need them. Here are links to real-touch red poppies and white anemones in this table arrangement. I filled in with other red and white blooms, including roses and freesia. The real-touch flowers mix well with live flower arrangements.

Red Poppies Table

Use Baking Cups to Add Patterns to Your Table

It is fun to use small baking cups as bowls for your table. The great thing about baking cups is that you can use them to match your table decor. They come in many colors and patterns, and new ones are added periodically. I got the poppy cups last year and saved them for this red and white table. You can find baking cups at home stores and online. Click here to link to an online source. 

Red Poppies Table

Glassware for Red Poppies Table

I used red stemware for this table. I first tried white glasses and then clear glassware, but the red-stemmed glasses added more color to the table, which was what the table needed.

Red Poppies Table

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Red Poppies Table

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