When I found these fun Cook and Hester mermaid placemats, I knew I had to design a table around them! I decided to create a whimsical Mother’s Day look, but they could easily be used for other events like a birthday party or a shower. Because they are printed with so many bright colors, you can create virtually any look you want for your table.

I used glass plates that had a swirly white ethereal look. The dinner plates are by Vietri. Both the dessert plates and salad bowls are from Home Goods. I think the secret to creating a theme table that isn’t overdone is to pick the theme, such as these placemats, and use items with it that only suggest the theme.

I wrapped small gifts in white paper and tied coordinating aqua ribbons around them. Ideas for small gifts include edible gifts like macarons or chocolate or non-edible gifts like earrings or other jewelry.

I used fresh flowers and matched them to the different mermaid colors on the placemats.

Macarons were also served – in the same colors as the placemats. I had a Vietri shell salad plate that was perfect for serving the macarons. But when I tried using the shells plates for each place setting, they had a heavy look against the swirly glass plates, so they were better used for macarons.

I had mint green sparkly sequin napkins that I intended to use for another table setting. The sequins remind me of fish scales so I tried them with the placemats. It turned out to be a lucky match because they were perfect for this table. This is a case of using something that suggests the theme such as sequins interpreted as fish scales. I would not have used napkins with mermaids on them but had I found matching mermaid napkin rings – well, that would have been hard to resist! These napkins are very affordable and come in a variety of colors. You can order them from a company called CV Linens. Click here to go to their website.

The Vietri dinner plates had a gold band so I used gold flatware and champagne glasses with gold banding.

Did you know that coupe champagne glasses are a great way to serve dessert? The stem elevates your dish while the clear glass raises anticipation by displaying what’s to come. You can serve a few pieces of fruit with a mini scoop of ice cream topped with a butter cookie or chocolate truffle for a light dessert that won’t leave guests feeling overstuffed. No matter what you choose to serve, this presentation seems to make any dessert taste just a little bit better.

To act as a centerpiece, I used glass balls in shades of blue and aqua that I previously used on a table for Halloween crystal balls. They were perfect as “water bubbles” for this table. Look around for things you already have and try seeing them in a new light.

Clear glass candle holders were a good choice because, like water, you can see through them. I wanted to keep the table very ethereal so I did not use gold candleholders even though they would have matched the other gold accents on the table.

I made small mini cakes for the celebration and put mermaid scales on them in colors that accentuated the theme.

I added a few sprinkles on the top of the cakes to finish them. I had the small cakes leftover from another project I worked on but they were perfect for this celebration. It is very exciting to have your own little cake!

A mini cake cut in half can serve two people or one person who loves pink lemonade cake! Click here for this mermaid cake recipe.

In addition to the mermaid cakes, I have a recipe for mermaid cream tart cookies that would be perfect for this table. Click here to see that post and get the recipe. I think you will love them!

You can find the mermaid placemats by Hester and Cook that I used by clicking here for their website or click here for another source.

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