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How to Set an Elegant Mermaid Table

Set an elegant mermaid table for your next brunch or luncheon! This table uses colorful placemats, sparkly napkins, and glass balls to create a beautiful and mesmerizing mermaid table for grownups. 

Mermaid Placemats

When I found these fun Cook and Hester mermaid placemats, I knew I had to design a table around them! I decided to create a whimsical brunch table perfect for hosting a luncheon, Mother’s Day, brunch, birthday party, or shower. Because they are printed with so many bright colors, you can create virtually any look you want for your table.

Flowers for the Mermaid Table

I chose flowers in colors that would tie back to the whimsical placemats and placed them in a white pedestal vase. Then I added whispy greenery to resemble seaweed, letting it spill over the sides to fill the center of the table like a runner. I kept the centerpiece flowers vertically low in the vase so guests could visit across the table with each other.

Mermaid Table

Dinnerware for the Mermaid Table

I mixed dinnerware that had a swirly white ethereal look. The dinner plates were made by Vietri (no longer available.) The dessert plates and salad bowls were found at a home goods store. You can find something similar by clicking here. The secret to creating a theme table that isn’t overdone is to pick one item, such as these placemats, that defines the theme. Then use other things that only suggest the theme.

Fish Scale Napkins

I used mint green sparkly sequin napkins to represent “fish scales.” They were a good color match with the placemats. This is an example of using something that suggests the theme rather than repeating it (such as napkins with mermaids printed on them). But had I found matching mermaid napkin rings, that would have been hard to resist! These sequined napkins are very affordable and come in a variety of colors. You can order them from a company called CV Linens.

Gifts for the Mermaid Table

I wrapped small gifts in white paper and tied aqua ribbons around them. When I host a girls’ party, I enjoy giving my guests a small present to take home. Ideas include edible gifts like macarons or chocolates or non-edible gifts like earrings.

Place gifts at each guest’s place setting, or place them in a basket or large bowl for handing out at the end of the luncheon.

Glass Balls for the Mermaid Table

I used glass balls in shades of blue and aqua to help create the table centerpiece. They were perfect as “water bubbles” for this table. Before recycling them on this table, I used them as crystal balls on a Halloween table in a totally different look. To create your mermaid table, inventory what you already have lying around or in storage and try to use things by seeing them in a new light.

Serve Color-Matching Macarons

Macarons are fun party food! For this table, I served them in the same colors as the placemats and placed them on a shell dessert plate. Initially, I wanted to use these shell plates at each place setting; however, they had a heavy look against the swirly glass dinner plates, so they were better used for serving macarons.

Use Champagne Glasses to Serve Dessert

Did you know that coupe champagne glasses are a great way to serve dessert? The glass stem elevates the dessert, while the clear glass lets guests see and anticipate it. When you use a pretty stemmed glass, even humble desserts become special. For a simple dessert idea, serve a few pieces of fruit with a mini scoop of ice cream topped with a butter cookie or chocolate truffle. It is easy to assemble, and the champagne glass makes it taste better.

Use Clear Glass Candle Holders

I used clear glass candle holders because, like water, you can see through them. I wanted to keep the table very ethereal so I did not use gold candleholders even though they would have matched the other gold accents on the table.

Make Mermaid Cakes

I made mini mermaid cakes for my party and put mermaid scales on them in colors that accentuated the theme. These pink lemonade cakes were made by making a large sheet cake and cutting “layers” with a round cookie cutter. I placed lemon curd between the layers and colored bowls of buttercream frosting in the table colors. I created the scales look by placing a dot of frosting on the cake, pressing a spoon into it, and then pulling it upwards. The colors were alternated until the cake was covered with “scales.”

I added a few sprinkles on the top of the cakes to finish them. Guests love having their own little cake!

These mini cakes are large enough to be cut in half to serve two people if some guests want to share. However, they are the perfect amount for a person who loves pink lemonade cake and wants to take some home with them! Click here for this mermaid cake recipe.

Mermaid Cookies

In addition to the mermaid cakes, I have a recipe for mermaid cream cookies that would be perfect for this table. Click here to get the recipe. I think you will love them! They are made with sugar cookies, stabilized sweet cream, and pretty decorations.

Mermaid Table | House of Elyn Ryn

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