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Set a Versatile Floral Red, White, & Blue Table

Set a versatile floral red, white, & blue table for a summer celebration. This table is set in three ways with subtle differences to show how easy it is to mix and match different items to create a beautiful red, white, and blue look.

Red, White, & Blue Table for Four

This round table for four is set on an outdoor porch. It starts with a floral tablecloth with hues of red and blue. After setting the table one way, I changed the placemats, plates, and lampshades to show different looks. These subtle changes can inspire ideas for incorporating your own items into a beautiful red, white, and blue summer table.

Red, White, & Blue Table

White Placemats and Dinner Plates

This first tablescape has round, white placemats with a lizard pattern and white dinner plates. White brightens the table and is a good background for the red napkins. This tablecloth is rectangular. I folded it in half to shorten it for this round table. It is not necessary to always buy tablecloths to match the size of your table. Consider folding a large tablecloth or placing one too small at an angle across the table.

This tablecloth can create a patriotic look without all the flags and kitschy details. Sometimes, the color scheme is enough to suggest the theme, even if the colors differ from traditional flag colors. However, you can always add patriotic details and flags to enhance the color scheme. Or consider serving patriotic desserts such as a flag cake or flag cupcakes!

Red, White, & Blue Table
Red cutlery adds extra color to this table but the red napkins look striking against the white.

Cordless Lamp for a Red, White, & Blue Table

This party can last all evening by using candles and cordless lamps. Candles and candleholders are a fun touch for any table setting and help fill empty spaces if you aren’t using a center floral arrangement. Add bows for a trendy look or to incorporate additional color. Another good way to add light is with a cordless mini lamp. They can be found in many colors and at different price points. For this table, I added a lampshade on top of the lamp’s fixed lampshade. This way, you can change the table’s look without purchasing additional lamps.

Red, White, & Blue Table

Blue and White Striped Dinnerware

Blue and white striped dinnerware also looks pretty on this table. This pattern, one of my favorites, is Modello by Vietri. Although discontinued, it can still be found online. Similar patterns can be found here and here and here.

Red, White, & Blue Table

Use Flowers to Dress Up Napkins

This red, white, and blue table is accented with red napkins tied with blue ribbons that are accented with real hydrangea blossoms. When using real flowers, store them in a vase of water until ready to use them. Then, dry the stems and insert them into the ribbon knot, with or without a small patriotic flag. Also, consider using faux flowers instead of real ones if you have them.

Red, White, & Blue Table

Garnish the Water Glasses for the Red, White, & Blue Table

Add blue and red fruit to the water glasses for a festive party feel. Always use edible, fresh fruit in case guests want to eat it. Add a sprig of mint for a pretty presentation.

Red, White, & Blue Table

Decorate the table with Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is always welcome at a party. However, consider adding it to bowls to decorate the table. Or, cut fruit with mini star cookie cutters and create skewers.

Natural Wicker for Red, White, & Blue Table

Another way to set this table is with natural wicker placemats and a lampshade. I also switched out the red cutlery for brown bamboo cutlery.

Red, White, & Blue Table

The table with natural wicker looks more casual while the table with white placemats is brighter.

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