Shades of Summer

by elyn_ryn

There is something about a yellow table that says lemonade and sunshine.  If you want to bring summer indoors, set a yellow table.  It’s especially effective on a dreary day.

Even in winter, setting a yellow table can change a mood.

And with just a little effort, you can buy a few bouquets of flowers and turn them into a stunning table arrangement that will last for days.

I started with 3 oblong shallow platters, bought oasis foam from a craft store, and a few pretty, yet inexpensive flowers.

I soaked the oasis foam for a few hours in a water-filled sink.  Once saturated with water, I placed it on the platter.  It’s a good idea to tape it down with florist tape, but I didn’t have any so I skipped that step.

I cut green stems from bushes outside and then washed them.   Otherwise, you might have a few bugs and spiders crawling on the table while you are eating!

Cut the greenery stems short and stick them into the wet oasis foam.  Stick them everywhere and especially around the bottom so you hide the platter.

Use some colored paper straws to bring in more color.

I used cloth napkins with printed moths made from fabric designed by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller fabrics as shown above.  The napkins introduced a little pink color…

…so I added a few pink roses.

These flower arrangements called for lemonade and lemon drops.

When you arrange flowers, let some stems stick up higher than the others to give the arrangement more depth.

Find the freshest flowers you can so your arrangement will last for a long time. And don’t forget to water the oasis foam to keep the flowers from drying up.  I water from the top and keep a finger in the side of the shallow platter so I know if the water is going to run over the sides.  Pour a little water and let the foam soak it up.  Then add a little more until the oasis seems soaked again.

As a final thought, don’t overlook paper plates to get the look you want.  White plates will also work with most colors, but sometimes it is fun to use a paper plate that just has the perfect colors.  

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