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A Midsummer Day’s Dream

The quintessential summer table always reminds me of the sun, sand, and sea. Not that there aren’t many other examples of perfect summer tables, but I always place a light blue and white table at the top of my list of summer tables.

This table has some of my favorite things including blue-and-white-striped Vietri bowls and dinner plates. I paired them with matching striped salad plates at both ends of the table and William Sonoma’s AERIN blue-rimmed scalloped salad plates in the other place settings. That’s what you do when you don’t have enough matching plates. You mix in something that blends in so it looks like you planned it that way!

I also love summery blue hydrangeas and I cut these while they were still fresh and colorful before the sun took a toll. I had planned to use white hydrangeas for this table until I saw how beautiful the blooms were growing in my yard. So, I used white vintage pitchers to elevate the blooms above the blue runner and they worked perfectly.

The glassware is vintage and has a stem with subtle blue color. The napkin rings are nothing more than raffia wrapped around a one-inch slice of a paper towel roll and hot glued on the inside. It only took about 20 minutes to make eight of them.

The rattan placemats are from Serena and Lily and add a summer feel to this table. Rattan is something I always associate with summer. When used at other times of the year, it brings some summer nostalgia to a room. The silverware is vintage. I love it and use it all the time because it goes with many different table settings.

The small white mercury glass votive holders are from Pottery Barn. I liked using them because they have a similar stripe to the bowls and plates which repeated the look of the plates without being exactly like it.

Both the light blue table runner and the white hotel tablecloth are from Williams Sonoma. The little cutwork lanterns were a summer find at craft store Michaels. You can find similar lanterns at stores during summer and they usually are very affordable.

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