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The Table

This post has both patriotic table-decorating ideas and a few of my favorite summer recipes. Whether you are looking for new ideas or just want to look at patriotic pictures while you are enjoying your 4th of July holiday, I have several tables and recipes for you to peruse.

First, let me say that light blue has always been one of my favorite colors. In the past, I’ve used this color in home furnishings, and with it being trendy now I’m tempted to repeat past looks. But for now, I’ll settle for setting a light blue patriotic table.

I had a bumper crop of blue hydrangeas this year and wanted to use them inside. I would have preferred white hydrangeas for this particular table but they hadn’t bloomed when I put this post together so I used what I had – blue ones.

To solve the problem of blue flowers on a blue table runner, I placed the flowers in tall white pitchers. The pitchers gave the two blue colors a needed separation and also added some height to the table.

Then I used blue and white dishware and rattan placemats which gave the table a summery look.

I have clear glassware with blue pedestals which worked well with this table, although any clear glass would have worked just as well.

I used vintage silverware for this table. It’s not too bright or busy which suited the rest of the table.

A bowl of red, white, and blue fruit gives the table a patriotic look. We cut out stars in watermelon and apples and then put them in a bowl with blueberries and cherries. There is something about shaped fruit that makes it so much fun to eat.

Sparkling cranberry juice with watermelon stars hung onto the rims of the glasses adds red to this table.

Napkin rings are made from paper towel cardboard rolls and raffia ribbon. Using a knife, cut 1-inch rings from the cardboard rolls. Tape the raffia to the inside and wrap the rings with it until they are completely covered. Finish the end of the raffia inside the roll by either taping or using hot glue.

I added small candles to some white-striped candleholder cups and also put candles into the white cutwork lanterns. A few extra flowers went into a small white vase.

Cola-flavored lollipops in red, white, and blue have a true cola taste.

Buying sources for this table is at the end of the post.

Silver stars are scattered across the table. They fill up table space but are very subtle.

To make the red drinks, pour sparkling mineral water into a glass. Add a large splash of sweetened cranberry juice. Always add as much or as little cranberry juice as suits your taste.

Watermelon stars can be cut ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator. Sometimes a fruit star placed on the rim of a glass is all you need to make a special table.

Try using small cookie cutters to cut stars from other firm fruit. If using apples, be sure to dip them in lemon juice to help them keep their creamy white color.

Make red, white, and blue fruit skewers instead of fruit bowls because they are a big hit. This concept is great for a lot of different occasions by using different colored fruit to suit the occasion. Click here to see my rainbow fruit skewers. They are a summer treat too and have lots of nutrients from all the variety of colored fruit.

Recipe Ideas for a Patriotic Celebration

If you are looking for some food ideas for your patriotic celebration, here are a few of my favorites:

This patriotic pie is loaded with strawberries. The pie crust is baked in the oven and the strawberry filling is cooked on the stovetop. I cut out extra pastry pieces, sprinkled them with coarse blue sugar, and baked them to add a bit of blue to this pie. I then garnished it with a stabilized sweet cream and cream cheese mixture. Click here to go to this recipe.

If you like blackberry pie or cobbler, then this is a good recipe for you. The topping is a cookie pastry crust and always leaves me wanting more. This is a rich pie and will go further than you might think. Click here for the recipe.

The flag cake is perhaps the most quintessential patriotic dessert of all! With five layers, this dessert feeds a crowd. Click here for the recipe.

And finally, a simple pound cake can be dressed for patriotic celebrations by adding whipped cream and red and blue fruit. Click here for the vanilla pound cake recipe.

Sources for Table

I always love to know the sources of things people use to decorate tables so here are the sources for the patriotic table in this post.

White Tablecloth: Williams Sonoma

Rattan placemats: Serena and Lily

Striped dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls: Modello by Vietri

Blue rimmed scalloped salad plates: William Sonoma

Clear and blue glasses: Vintage

Small Cutwork Lanterns: Michaels

White Votive Holders: Pottery Barn

White Pitchers: Vintage

White Napkins: World Market

Napkin Rings: Handcrafted

Red, White, & Blue Lollipops: Williams Sonoma

White Pedestal Bowl with Lollipops: HomeGoods

Small White Vase: Vietri

Silverware: Vintage

Silver Stars for Scattering: Unknown; similar stars Shindigz

White Platter with Fruit Skewers: Williams Sonoma

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