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How to Create a Vibrant Pink and Orange Arrangement

Use this guide to see how this vibrant pink and orange arrangement was made by following a photo tutorial. This arrangement is perfect for fall gatherings, Halloween parties, or a colorful Thanksgiving table.

Choosing Flowers for a Pink and Orange Arrangement

It is easy to find colorful flowers in vibrant hues to complement the changing fall leaf colors. To create a bright arrangement, look for flowers saturated with pink, rose, orange, yellow, and peach colors. Pass up muted colors such as rust, amber, and plum because they will create a different mood than this arrangement.

Pink and Orange Arrangement

Flower Types

Flowers with large bloom heads will help fill an arrangement faster than small blooms. Look for country or cabbage roses that have lots of petals. Mums and dahlias are also beautiful choices, as well as marigolds. If you have fall-blooming camellia shrubs (sasanqua) add them to the arrangement to vary the type of stems used. Also, you can use cut branches from trees with pretty orange leaves.

Other garden flowers that are pretty in arrangements are cosmos, zinnias, purple coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, celosia, and spider lilies. Consider using orange lantern flowers or other tall stems to add height.

Use Light and Dark Shades for a Pink and Orange Arrangement

Using lighter shades of the same hue will provide some contrast between the flower colors. If creating a pastel pink and orange arrangement, add a few darker flowers for contrast.

Pink and Orange Arrangement

Containers for a Pink and Orange Arrangement

The container can provide additional color for the arrangement or let the stems show with a clear glass container. Since this is a fall arrangement, I used a ceramic orange pumpkin with a large opening for lots of flowers. When planning your arrangement, always consider how big the container opening is because if it is large, you will need several bouquets.

If you have a vase frog, place it in the container to help hold the flowers. If not, use wet foam soaked in water and taped into the vase. Or you can use waterproof floral tape and make a gride across the top of the container. The tape will help hold the flowers while you insert them. However, if you are creating a large arrangement with lots of lowers, the weight of the flowers can pull the tape off the container, so try to balance the flowers around the perimeter of the container before filling in the middle.

Consider Using Bleach in the Pink and Orange Arrangement

Add water to your vase, and then consider adding a splash of bleach because it will kill bacteria in your arrangement, keeping the flowers fresh longer. Although the best practice is to pour off the water and add new each day, bleach can be an easier way to help keep the water fresh.

Pink and Orange Arrangement

Trim the Flower Stems

Trim all the flower stems before placing them into the arrangement, even if they are the length you want. Trimming freshens the stems and lets the flowers absorb water more easily. Cut the stems at an angle to create a larger surface for water absorption.

Pink and Orange Arrangement

Add to Stems to the Pink and Orange Arrangement

Remove excess greenery from the flowers and start adding them to the vase. Leave some flowers taller than others by shortening flower stems if necessary.

Store Your Arrangement in a Cool Location

Your pink and orange arrangement will last several days if you use fresh flowers, change the water every day, and use a little bleach (in the water) to kill bacteria. However, there is another thing you can do to prolong the freshness of your flower arrangement. Store it in a chilly location. Florists keep arrangements in coolers to lengthen the life of cut flowers as heat causes the flower heads to open and speeds up the decaying process. You can store flowers in the refrigerator, a cool garage, or a basement.

Pink and Orange Arrangement

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