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Beautiful Orange and Blue Table

This beautiful orange and blue table is lively with its patterned tablecloth and blue candleholders with orange candles. It makes an elegant fall or Thanksgiving table.

How to Create This Orange and Blue Table

This look works for a vibrant fall table for a lively, fun look. It is bright and non-traditional with its combination of blue and orange. What is interesting about using blue and orange together is there are so many ways to get this look–however, the blue should be a soft color for this aesthetic. In addition, it is equally pretty for a summer or spring table.

Beautiful Orange and Blue Table

Choosing the Colors for this Orange and Blue Table

The inspiration for this orange and blue table came from the tablecloth with its soft sky blue and orange and brown colors. The tablecloth is from Mrs. Alice, but it is possible to find other tablecloths with these colors. A light blue gingham tablecloth would also work when creating a table with a similar look. However, it is best to opt for a tablecloth you like (rather than one to match one look) so you can use it for other tables.

Beautiful Orange and Blue Table

Choosing the Napkins

I used white cloth napkins for this table, although brown or orange would work with this look. Initially, I planned to use turkey napkin rings, but they didn’t work as well with the flowers and overall aesthetic. Sometimes, it is better to use fewer items when you want the centerpiece to stay the center of attention.  

Beautiful Orange and Blue Table

Choosing the Dinnerware

I tried several plates on this table but eventually settled on Vietri’s blue and white Modello plates.  I used the dinner and salad plates and stacked them on caramel-colored faux leather chargers (similar ones can be found here.)

Tabletop Tip: White plates are the easiest color to work with because they can be used with most patterned and colored table linens. They also make a pretty backdrop for colored napkins and napkin holders.

Choosing the Drinkware

I used a blue goblet and copper mug for this table. The goblets by AERIN are discontinued; however, many blue goblets would be pretty with this table. The copper mugs accent the orange-colored flowers. Try serving a fall favorite–Cinnamon Apple Moscow Mules in them.

Beautiful Orange and Blue Table

Choosing Flatware for an Orange and Blue Table

This table would look great with different colors and types of flatware sets. I chose a brown set called tortoise that accents the brown color of the tablecloth. Other choices I considered were classic silverware and copper-handled silverware.

Beautiful Orange and Blue Table

Choosing the Candles and Holders

I used tall orange taper candles on this table and placed them in two sizes of blue glass candle holders. They make a bold statement, and the holders are pretty, even without candles. I also used small orange and brown mercury glass votive candle holders to add more light to the center of the table.

Choosing Flowers

I wanted to use blue and orange flowers for this table even though there are not always many blue flowers to choose from in the fall. Fortunately, blue hydrangeas are easy to find. I added orange tulips and long-lasting berry stems to two arrangements in clear glass containers. The turkeys in each arrangement are actually the napkin rings that I decided not to use. However, they added a festive look to the arrangements! Click here to see how I put these arrangements together.

Flower Tips:

  • Did you know that you can add faux flowers to an arrangement of real flowers to make it fuller? You can buy many silks and real-touch flowers made so well that they are indistinguishable from fresh flowers! 
  • Look to your yard or garden for cuttings that you can use as fillers to enhance the look of your arrangement.
  • Always cut off a couple of inches from the bottom of the stems of bought flowers. Stem cutting will give the flower a fresh place to absorb water because stems usually age from the bottom and work up.
Beautiful Orange and Blue Table

I hope these ideas inspire you to create an orange and blue table!

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