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Pastel Easter Tablescape

Ideas to inspire your Pastel Easter tablescape or another spring table with bunnies, colorful eggs, fresh flowers, and candles in soft colors.

Inspiration for a Pastel Easter Tablescape

Thank goodness for the stillness of winter. During that time, I take a break from the high-octane energy of the holidays when I am overwhelmed with lights, colors, and all that shimmers. Then comes the softness of spring with its pastel flowers. This year I eased back into color with delicate shades of pink, peach, and yellow–and I think spring is my favorite time of year!

Pastel Easter Tablescape

Decide on the Colors You Like

A pastel table can be expressed in many ways. Flowers give you a chance to establish the table color. However, a tablecloth or decorative object can also be an inspiration. When deciding on colors, be mindful that there are limitations with flower colors and types of flowers. Some flowers are difficult to find when it is not their growing season. For instance, if you have plans for a blue table with blue irises, plan it in the spring during their blooming season. Otherwise, turn to realistic-looking faux flowers. Or use a table centerpiece that does not rely on flowers to give the table color.

Pastel Easter Tablescape

Linens for a Pastel Easter Tablescape

Patterned tablecloths and tablecloths with more than one color are trendy now. I chose a white tablecloth with a pink border and pink placemats for this table because the decorations are very busy. I get more use from a neutral tablecloth than heavily patterned ones. However, beautifully patterned linens are hard to resist!

Pastel Easter Tablescape


I used white dinnerware for this table with pink glass chargers. It is easiest to set tables with white dinner plates because they are so versatile. I use these pink glass chargers often because they are pretty with light or dark pink colors.

Although the dinnerware is modern, I mixed antique pink compotes with them. Each compote has an etched hibiscus pattern around the top.

Pastel Easter Tablescape

Glassware for a Pastel Easter Tablescape

Colored glassware is very popular now and is easy to find. Use vintage glasses to create a unique look. Also, try mixing pedestal and flat glassware for a varied look. The pink glasses on this table have a vintage look, while the gold goblets are modern. Best of all, there is no right or wrong way to set them for most casual occasions. The three glasses I’m using are for the following:

  • pink compotes – dessert (see above photo)
  • gold goblets – wine
  • pink tumblers – water or iced tea
Pastel Easter Tablescape

Felted Eggs

Handmade felted-wool eggs lend a charming look to this table. I found them on Etsy last spring, but the colors were not right for that year’s spring table. However, the colors were perfect for my table this year!

Flowers for a Pastel Easter Tablescape

The center arrangement had five colors of roses. I placed the flowers into a large-sized pink pedestal bowl. To help keep the flowers in place, I used florist tape (but you can use wrapping paper tape) to form a grid on the top of the container. This grid will help hold the flowers in place as you place them. However, the more flowers you add, the heavier they become and can overwhelm your tape grid. It helps to keep the stems short to prevent them from overlapping with the flower stems inserted on the other side of the vase. Remember to keep the vase full of water because short stems might not touch the water level.

Pastel Easter Tablescape

For a pastel look, choose flowers with similar pale hues. For this table, I wanted pink and yellow as the dominant colors. After finding some pink and yellow roses, I added pink tulips, pink spider Gerber Daisies, and pink lilies. Then I included peach-colored roses and a few fuchsia-colored stock flowers. The types of flowers also contribute to the look of the table. For instance, wildflowers will give the table a more casual look. Use a crock, galvanized tin, or a reclaimed wood box for a country look.

Large Arrangements

  • For busy special occasions, have a florist make the arrangements. It will save you time. A florist will work with your color scheme and make recommendations to help you.
  • For less hectic occasions, buy flowers at a flower stand or grocery store and arrange them yourself. Trader Joe’s is a great place to find fresh flowers. However, you may not find the flowers you have in mind. Be flexible and make substitutions. Many times alternative flowers will be just as beautiful as the original flowers you had in mind. And your guests will not know the difference!
  • Cut from outdoor evergreen bushes and flowers to supplement arrangements. 
  • If you use tall arrangements, consider setting them on another table during the meal so guests will not be blocked from talking because of their height.
Pastel Easter Tablescape

Small Arrangements

Small arrangements are easy to make if you are not adept at flower arranging. Also, you do not have to worry about guests being able to see over the flowers because they are compact. Here are some ideas:

  • Use several small glasses, vases, or even candleholders.
  • Cut the flowers all the same length and place them into a container with water.
  • Add a few sprigs of greenery if you desire a fuller look.
  • Use brightly-colored flowers for a dramatic look.


This table uses gold flatware to match the gold on the glass chargers. However, if you only have silver-colored utensils, use them because silver will go with most table settings. It is both traditional and modern.

Pastel Easter Tablescape


I set most spring tables with French macarons. It is a fun and tasty way to dress up a table! Although they are very pretty on a platter, try serving them in unique ways (such as in an egg cup–shown below). Macarons are frequently available at Costco for holidays. Or you can make your own. See the links at the end of this post for macaron recipes.

Pastel Easter Tablescape


Try adding candles (even on daytime tables) to finish a table. They add interest to the center of the table and add a festive atmosphere to the table. There are a variety of options you can use:

  • real tapers
  • battery-operated tapers
  • pillar candles (wax and faux)
  • votives
  • tea lights
  • colored and candles
Pastel Easter Tablescape

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