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Blue Grandmillennial Spring Table

Grandmillennial Style

Lately, I have been seeing lots of articles on grandmillennial decorating. The term was coined in 2019 by Emma Bazilian, a magazine editor who put a name to the emerging style. It can best be defined as a revival of traditional style that was popular before the mid-century modern and farmhouse style. Grandmillennial style incorporates classic and pretty details into decorating.

Who is Driving this Style

Twenty and 30-year-olds seem to be driving the grandmillennial movement, but I actually think this style extends to people other than millennials. Some people never stopped liking this traditional style, even when midcentury modern and farmhouse movements became dominant. It is a classic style and similar to classic English-style decorating.

A Pretty Style

Grandmillennial style can have a mix of patterns. One person might judge a mixture of patterns as gaudy, while another sees harmony and agreement. But whatever your opinion of it, the grandmillennial style showcases many pretty things. And the good thing is that you can apply whatever interpretation you want to this style. Maybe you like the darker traditional trends of the 1990s, or you might add your own twist to interpret this style in light and new ways.

What is this Style

Grandmillennial style usually uses lots of colors. Patterned tablecloths and layers of linens are features of this style. Also, colored glassware, pretty florals, fine china, anything chinoiserie, and monogrammed linens define the style.

Vintage Items

Another good thing about the grandmillennial style is that you can collect vintage items to pull together the look in your home. Vintage items can be more affordable than new items and usually have a different look than things found in chain stores today.


Flowers seem to be at the heart of the grandmillennial look. Whether it is fresh flowers, floral wallpaper, or chintz fabrics, the style boasts many pretty blooms.

Room for New Interpretation

The revival of the traditional style from the late 1980s through the 1990s might seem like a movement that is too dark for today’s homes. However, many modern interpretations use light and bright elements in new and fresh ways, redefining this classic style.

Set a Table

If you like the grandmillennial style but are unsure if you want to live with it every day, consider setting grandmillennial tables. They will give you this look without permanence. This table uses a patterned table covering, colored glassware, flowers, ornate dinnerware, and several colors. It is pretty and would work well for spring, Easter, Mother’s Day, or a birthday celebration.

Blue is Popular

Blue is a popular grandmillennial color and might have roots in blue and white chinoiserie loved by grandmillennialists. If you aren’t familiar with the term chinoiserie, it means blue and white Chinese-inspired pottery. It can be found in many patterns and shapes, such as ginger jars, vases, and dinnerware.

Blue vs Pink Table

I also set this table with pink flowers and light-colored glasses for a different look with the same table cover. Although I am usually partial to blue shades, I have difficulty deciding which table I like best. Click here to see this table in shades of pink. Which is your favorite look?

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