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Gray and Gold Winter Table

This gray, white, and gold winter table is perfect for a Christmas celebration or a snowy winter evening with friends. 

Snowy Woods and Deer

I found snowy deer plates a few years back and thought they would be perfect for setting a glamorous winter table. The dinner plates had gold and white snowflakes and gold antlers on the deer. Although they work perfectly for a holiday table, they also work for a winter table outside of the holiday season.

Celebrate the Quiet Beauty of Winter

When I put away all the glittery Christmas ornaments, I still long for the beauty of the holiday season. Then I remember a snowflake ball I attended once during the cold, dark winter months. It was held after Christmas when all the holiday hoopla was over. The snowflake ball evokes images of falling snow, candlelight, and twinkling lights. It was a celebration of winter and the quietness of the season. So why don’t we celebrate winter more often with festive lights and glamour? A meal just to gather with loved ones? A pretty birthday celebration? There are many reasons to celebrate during this time of year.

Add Pretty Lights

The best part of creating a winter table is that there is no urgency to hurry along, like during the winter holidays. This table was simple to set because it is not too fussy, but is festive enough for a special occasion. I added large globe lights to the table, but twinkling fairy lights would also have been pretty. Remember, festive lights can be enjoyed all year long!

Use What You Have

Other than purchasing the deer antler place card holders, I used things I already had to put together this table. I used bottle-brush trees as the centerpiece, but I think a flower arrangement would work just as well and would give the table a different mood. The gold-trimmed glasses are some of my favorites, and I use them all year long. There is just something about a gold-trimmed glass that says festive.

Add Candles

Candles have a way of warming up a table and making it cozy. Tall candleholders would have competed with the centerpiece on this small table, so I used votive candles. A couple of small candles can turn the table from ordinary to festive.

String Lights

I used string lights on the topiary hedge in the background. I like them so much that I keep lights on these topiaries all year. It keeps the house feeling cozy after all the Christmas decorations are put away. I keep them on timers, so they always come on when the sun goes down. They have a festive feel that you just can’t get with a lamp!

Set Out Containers of Treats

I like to add a few treats to the table as part of the decoration. I use small glass containers and add things that match the table settings. It fills space without feeling like knickknacks. Ideas for treats include chocolate truffles, salted caramel, mini cookies, and novelty candies.

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