This Christmas table was inspired by the song “The 12 Days of Christmas” and its seven swans a-swimming verse. It started as a very ethereal white and silver table with white tulle and was very pretty in person. However, the camera didn’t differentiate between all the white and silver colors very well so I decided to add more gold to the table.

I found swan ornaments with gold crowns. They are small swans but work well with the size of the icy trees.

I matched gold snowflakes, which are actually stickers, with gray velvet ribbons and white ruffled napkins. Double-sided tape will hold the velvet ribbon and snowflake in place.

The swans are whimsical so I chose to use plates with a similar whimsical look.

I added small battery-operated lights to the icy trees. To hid the batteries, I wrapped the top of a gift box and sat it down on the battery pack.

Shiny gold-fringed Christmas crackers add a fun touch.

Acrylic icy trees and glittery snowflakes make a pretty winter table that works for Christmas or wintertime.

Lots of gold touches help this table show up in photos.

Using a hole punch, I cut out butterflies from glitter paper and scattered them on the table.

Glass crown candleholders made good “boats” to hold the swan ornaments.

Glittery gold stems hanging from the chandelier added to the whimsy and sparkle of this table.

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