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A Whimsical Grinch Table

This red, green, and white table, inspired by The Grinch, is whimsical with its bent trees, red plates and glasses, and colorful confetti and ornaments centerpiece.

Grinch-Inspired Tablescape

A colorful, whimsical bright green and red Christmas table can set a festive mood for any Grinch at your table.  Whether you set the table for children or young-at-heart adults, this table is fun and playful!

Whoville Trees

Whoville trees lining the center of the table set the mood with their bending whimsical shapes. You can find small live Whoville trees at florists, garden centers, and grocery stores during the winter holidays. These evergreen trees (shown below) are easy to care for and, with proper care, will last long past Christmas.

Table Runner

To create a runner for this table, I started by stretching a string of battery-operated fairy lights down the center around the Whoville trees. Then I added various sizes of clear glass containers to the middle of the table and filled the empty space around them with red and green sparkly ornaments.

To add to the whimsical look, I stuffed colorful red, green, and white paper confetti into the glass containers. The crinkled confetti spilled over the sides of the containers giving the table an unruly look that was perfect for a Grinch-inspired table!

Grinch Green Color

Instead of using an actual Grinch figurine on the table, I used plenty of items that were the traditional Grinch-green color. This is a trick you can use to represent an idea. For example, red and evergreen represent long-established Christmas colors. But add a bright chartreuse green, and the table takes on a different mood–in this case, a Grinch mood!


I used red Vietri dinner plates with whimsical white dots on a white tablecloth. I did not use placemats or chargers to prevent the table perimeter from competing with the centerpiece decor. Sometimes less decoration keeps the table from looking kitschy.

Vietri does not manufacture these dinner plates anymore, but here is a link for another Vietri dinner plate that would work well on a Grinch table. Then you can use them in different ways for other tablescapes.


I found whimsical paper napkins in red and green that worked perfectly with this Grinch table. If you want to use fabric napkins, look for green-striped or polka-dotted fabrics rather than fabric with Grinch figures or faces. This table creates the whimsical Grinch look without actually using a Grinch.

Red Goblets

The last thing I used to set this table was red goblets. Pretty and bright, they were the final touch to pull this whimsical table together. To get this look for your table, use vivid red glasses instead of a muted or dark red color. These red Vietri glasses are discontinued, but here is a link for a similar look.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures.  Hope they inspire you to set your own whimsical Grinch table!

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