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A New Year’s Eve Celebration!

New Year’s Eve…

The three golden wreaths are the centerpiece of the table and add a touch of holiday cheer that allows this table to work for Christmas as well as New Years.

Shown above is the same table without the wreaths.

In keeping with the “gold” theme, I used brass candleholders and golden candle tapers.  Each candle is gold and is dipped in glitter.

The candles give a little eye-level sparkle at this table.  Weave some battery-operated tiny lights throughout the centerpiece to add extra sparkle and reflection lower on the table.

Alabaster white gold rimmed dinner plates by Vietri (found here) mix well with other dinnerware pieces that have a white swirled look.  Gold flatware (found here) and see through placemats add to the gold and white design of the table. A “bottle” of chocolate adds unexpected green color to the table.  Try adding your own unexpected color to your neutral table decor in order to create a unique finishing touch.

After trying black and green napkins to compliment this table, I decided that less was really more and left the green chocolate bottles as the only pop of green for this table.

Golden drinkware by Vietri (found here) was perfect for this table.  Later, I can add clear glasses as guests choose additional beverages to go with the meal.

Together, all the gold gives the table an elegant look.

Golden fringed party “crackers” are shimmery and festive.  Use them for filling in the center of the table.  Later they can be popped open by guests for taking fun pictures using the party hats inside. If you can’t find the color of crackers you want, buy neutral or white crackers and customize with your own overlay of paper, bows, or stickers. To find crackers like these, click here.

Champagne-bottle chocolates like the ones in the picture can be found by clicking here or a similar product can be found by clicking here.

These gold woven placemats can be found by clicking here.

Gold party crowns are scattered across the table and can be found online by clicking here and also here.

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