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Gold and White Christmas Foyer

This Christmas foyer, decorated with garlands and ribbons, has a gold, white, and aqua-decorated Christmas tree topped with a gold crown. 

Mix and Match

Every year I plan a different look for this foyer Christmas tree. I don’t know when this tradition started, but I always buy a new roll of ribbon or a few ornaments because I am enticed easily by Christmas decorations! Friends and family have gifted me with ornaments over the years, so I have a varied assortment that I can mix and create new looks. Usually, I am surprised by the finished tree because I never know what it will look like until I hang most of the ornaments!

White Flocked Ornaments

For this Christmas tree, I decided to trim it with white and gold ornaments with a few light aqua ones. Although I have a lot of white ornaments and stems, I added large flocked white ornaments. They have a coating on them that feels like velvet. (You can see them in the photo below with the checked ribbons.) When I first hung them on the tree, they looked like full moons and weren’t quite the look I had in mind! So, I tied ribbons around their hooks, and that gave them the Christmas-ornament look they needed.

New Ribbons

New ribbons are the easiest way to change the look of your tree from year to year. I bought new gold and white checked ribbon to add to this tree. Then I went through my ribbon container and found other gold ribbons I had used on past trees. I used my old ribbon to make bows (shown in the left photo below). The bows are easier to hang than winding ribbons through the tree and have been my favorite way of decorating trees in the past.

Bird Cages

A few years ago, I bought gold birdcages for my tree. I used them for a while and then put them away. This year I brought them back out to add gold to the tree. They are about 18 inches tall and work best hung on tall Christmas trees. I have several birds in different colors, which work well with the bird cages. Notice that all the cage doors are open. Instead of birds in the birdcages, I placed ornaments.

A Touch of Blue

I usually end up with some shade of blue on my tree. This year I added the aqua glass ornaments I used on my Blue Woodland Tree. It is a non-traditional color that went well with the blue-green evergreen stems added to the tree. Then I threaded some aqua-colored ribbons on the tree to highlight the ornaments.

Aqua Velvet Ribbons

I hung a Norfolk Pine evergreen garland on the staircase handrail. Then I wound battery-operated LED microlights around it and set the timers to light them around dusk. The battery packs, tucked behind the garland, are so well-hidden that I have trouble finding them!

I added aqua-colored velvet bows to the garland. The ribbon is wired, which makes it easy to shape the bow. I left long streamers on them and then used florist wire to attach the bows to the evergreen garland.

White Swans

I used white swans on this tree (as shown below) and on the Seven Swans Swimming Christmas Eve table. This gold and white tree and the gold and white Christmas Eve table are some of my all-time Christmas favorites. They were both very glittery and feminine.

Gold and White Christmas Tree in Foyer with Staircase

Crowning Topper

I often use a crown on top of the Christmas tree. It works well with different Christmas decorations and is usually the last thing I put on the tree. Usually, I keep it out all year, so it is always nearby when I am ready to position it on the tree.

I added little gold crowns to this tree (photos below), so the top one was a perfect addition!

Gold and white Christmas tree in foyer

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