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Red and White Christmas Foyer

This red and white Christmas foyer, reminiscent of candy canes, has a flocked Christmas tree, red cardinals, poinsettias, and red and white striped ribbon. 

Candy Cane Christmas

Welcome to my red and white Christmas foyer! I always have something in mind before decorating the Christmas tree. For this one, it was candy canes.

There is only one candy cane on the tree so it’s not a literal concept, just a thought for how I would decorate it. To start, I used a red and white candy cane ribbon.

Flocked Tree

The tree is flocked in white snow and is my all-time favorite Christmas tree! I added only a few red decorations to keep the red decorations from overpowering the white tree. In the past, I have decorated this flocked tree with a heavy amount of red. However, all the red gave it a different look from this tree. Click here to see the Red and White Christmas post. 

Flocked Tree Tip

Did you know you should keep an artificial tree with white flocking in a cool place during the hot summer months? The heat turns the white flocking brown over time. The only way to reverse the problem is to remove all the original flocking and re-flock the tree with a flocking kit. It is time-consuming to remove flocking, and, unfortunately, spray-on cans of “snow” will only temporarily hide the problem.

Red Finial Tree Topper

I love the red finial tree topper placed on the top tree stem. It is actually a very large mercury glass finial but looks appropriately sized on this 9 1/2-foot tree. It makes the tree about 11 feet tall!


I used wreaths to decorate the stairs this year. Although I admire handrails draped in Christmas greens and adorned with pretty ribbons, I decided to try something different.

Each artificial wreath has fresh greens inserted between the wire stems to give it a “fresh-greens” look. Then I added red ornaments by attaching them to the greenery so they would hang in the middle of the wreaths.

Finally, I added red and white striped ribbons tied into bows to the top of each wreath. I attached the wreaths with plastic-coated wire. To keep the wreaths fresh, I occasionally misted them with water from a spray bottle.

Enjoy the rest of the photos!

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