Red and White Christmas Foyer

by elyn_ryn

Welcome to my red and white Christmas foyer! I always have something in mind before decorating the Christmas tree. For this one, it was candy canes.

There is only one candy cane on the tree so it’s not a literal concept, just a thought for how I will decorate. I used a red and white candy cane ribbon to start.

The tree is flocked in white snow so I added a little red but mostly kept to white and silver decorations. I have decorated this flocked tree with a heavy amount of red, but it has a different look than with just a little bit of red. Click here to see the Red and White Christmas post.

I love the red finial on top. It is actually a very large finial but looks appropriately sized on this 9 1/2 foot tree. It makes the tree about 11 feet tall!

I used wreaths to decorate the stairs this year. I admire all the handrails draped in Christmas greens that are all over the internet but decided to try something different. Enjoy the photos!

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