These red botanical plates are pretty paper plates and were easy to work with…except that there were so many ways to set the table with them.  First I used gray glasses and black napkins and placed greenery around a large red glass pineapple candle holder.

Because the plates had black lettering written on them, I chose black flatware.  It had been my plan all along to use the gray glasses (above).

But because the flatware was tied with a white ribbon, I decided to try a red and white palette. I changed the napkins to white and changed the gray glasses to red ones.  This gave the table a bolder look and also made it more festive.

I used faux greenery as the base around the pineapple and then added real cuttings.  It’s an easy trick to make fuller garlands and arrangements.  The pineapple has dark ironwork just like the lettering on the plates.  They were perfect together.

I also liked the red and white look.

Then I took away the faux greenery and added fresh camellia flowers and the green cuttings.

These flowers went well with the botanical plates.

Which gave the table a little different look.  Which is your favorite?

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