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How to Make Halloween Butterflies

This is probably one of the easiest Halloween decorations you can make. It just takes 3 items: black cardstock paper, a butterfly punch, and double-sided tape. Oh, and a little time to hang all the butterflies.

Start with a lot of cardstock. I suggest this source for the paper which has 50 sheets. The butterfly punch is 1 3/4 inches (4.44 cm) and can be found here. You can vary the size of the butterflies by getting a small punch too, but I think the appeal is having butterflies en mass.

Punch out the butterflies. This is very easy to do and with a little practice, you see how to position the punch to get the most butterflies out of a sheet of paper.

You can get about 20 butterflies (or more if you get skilled at using the puncher) out of one 8 1/2 by 11-inch cardstock sheet (21.5 x 27.9-cm). So potentially you can punch out 1000 butterflies with the package of 50 sheets of cardstock. That’s a lot of butterflies!

Punch all the way around the sheet of cardstock. The puncher can’t reach into the middle of the sheet so trim off punched areas to expose the middle of the sheet and you can punch out six more butterflies.

After you cut out the butterflies, you will want to bend them so that the wings point upward to mimic a real butterfly. As you can see above, the butterfly body is left flat and the wings are bent upward from the body. After you shape a few, it becomes very easy to do.

Then take a small piece of double-sided tape and place it on the back of the butterfly. Now it is ready to stick to whatever surface you want to stick it to.

Position the butterflies in different directions and clump some together and space out others. Some wings will be flatter and some might even be at 90 degrees to the body. Using lots of butterflies is what makes the room unsettling which is perfect for Halloween, but at the same time not too scary. Use other colors, for instance, ivory or light gray butterflies on dark-colored walls for a moth look.

Have fun decorating for Halloween!

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