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How to Make Butterfly Napkin Rings

For the Halloween Black Butterfly Table (click here to see it), I wanted butterfly napkin rings. I looked online and was not able to find what I had in mind so I made them.

They were fairly easy to make. These are the basic supplies you will need:

  1. Butterfly Template (click here for the template)
  2. Black cardstock (click here for source)
  3. Thin hair black elastics (click here for source)
  4. Adhesive spray glue (click here for source)
  5. Extra fine black Glitter (click here for source)
  6. Larger black sequin glitter – you will only need to purchase the smallest amount (click here for source)
  7. Navy chunky glitter (click here for source)
  8. Clear sealant spray (click here for source)

Not shown:

  1. Glue gun and glue sticks
  2. Printer
  3. Scissors
  4. Light graphite tracing paper (optional) (click here for source)
  5. Stylus (optional) (click here for source)

To get started, you will need a template for the butterflies. This is the one I used to make the napkin rings. Each butterfly is approximately 5 x 4 inches (12.7 x 10.16 cm). Click here to go get the template.

I printed the template on 8 1/2 x 11-inch black cardstock to make the butterflies. My paper and printer ink were two different colors of black, so I was able to print on the cardstock and see the outlines of the butterflies. You might have to experiment with your printer to see if your ink will show up on the black paper.

Another option is to print the template and use light-colored graphite tracing paper to trace the template onto black cardstock paper. If you use this option, then put a black cardstock down on a table first, add the graphite paper, and then add the template on top. When I use this method, I tape down the top pattern so that it doesn’t slip while tracing. Use a stylus to trace.

This is the cutout butterfly. It is now ready to glitter.

Coat the front of the butterfly with a spray adhesive. You can also use a glue stick for these napkin rings, but be sure to thoroughly coat the butterfly front with the glue.

Use a mixture of fine and sequin glitters for a modern look. I used a fine black glitter as well as a fine navy blue glitter with purple undertones. Then I added black sequined glitter which was much larger.

Make the desired amount of butterflies you want to use and then let them dry thoroughly. Then you will seal them.

The butterflies should be sealed with clear acrylic to help prevent the glitter from flaking off when you touch them. No one wants glitter on their plate!

A non-yellowing sealer, as shown above, helps keep your colors true so that you can use the napkin rings again. Spray this acrylic coating outdoors with newspaper underneath the butterflies to prevent overspray in places you don’t want it. Follow the directions for drying time to recoat. Then spray the butterflies again to seal as much of the glitter as you can. Let dry completely.

When the butterflies are dry, it is time to add the hair elastics to the backs. I used the elastics for fine hair which are smaller than regular-sized elastics.

Use hot-glue to attach the elastics.

Let the hot glue dry completely. Then place the napkin rings around your napkins.

Click here to see how easy it is to make the small black butterflies for decorating.

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