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Black Butterflies Halloween

by elyn_ryn

Halloween…people either love it or hate it. I am in the first category. I don’t really like scary things (although if you do, click here to get the recipe for some spooky eye pies) but I like creative things and Halloween is a great opportunity to be creative!

For this Halloween table, I used the concept of the garden gazing ball. I used three different balls and placed butterflies (or black moths – depending on your viewpoint) all over each of them.

I wanted a table with black and purple for Halloween so I made the butterflies mostly black with a few purple ones mixed in.

I have glasses that are purplish-blue, depending on the lighting, so I mixed those with black glasses. These margarita glasses, made by Rose Ann Hall, are hard to find in this color. Click here for alternative blue margarita glasses. Click here for alternative margarita glasses with purple stems.

I used black flatware and chargers with white plates trimmed in silver banding. To complete the look, I used lavender linen napkins and made butterfly napkin rings. Click here to see how I made the napkin rings. And click here for a similar linen napkin.

Black glassware helps establish a moody Halloween look. I purchased these glasses from HomeGoods but I have also seen them in secondhand shops.

The butterflies were very easy to make. Click here to find out just how easy.

I used two purple silk clematis vines and placed them on a black sequin table runner. You can substitute another flower color for your table and still have the same mood. Here is a source for the vine I used.

Then I put butterflies on everything! Just adding a few made the table cute, but adding dozens made it a little unsettling!

I usually like using candelabras with tall tapers for Halloween (click to see black candles in candelabras on another one of my Halloween tables) because they give height to the table and are perfect for draping faux spiderwebs.

But this year I decided that the center gazing ball was all I needed for the table height so I kept the candles low.

I got the mercury glass orbs from Pottery Barn a few years ago. They have holes in the bottom of them so you can put battery-operated lights inside.

You can find gazing balls in different colors on the internet or at garden stores. Here is a source for one.

If you don’t have a gazing ball but would like to set a table similar to this one, there are other options for the centerpiece. The picture below shows how to use a silver serving dish. I elevated it on a stand so that it had some height.

I have a tall silver gourd (pictured below) that also would have worked for this table. Additionally, I had originally planned to use a large white pumpkin for the centerpiece. There really are lots of options for setting a table like this without using gazing balls!

My daughter designed the place cards for this table using the butterfly theme and a little creativity. You can create a similar look by printing this template and writing names with a silver pen. Print on 8 1/2 x 11-inch white cardstock and fold on the centerline to make a place card that will stand.

Butterflies are scattered across the entire table runner and even on the sides of the candle holders. I chose clear glass candle holders because the butterflies showed up best on these simple holders. Here is a source for a similar glass votive holder.

Don’t forget to decorate other items in the room with butterflies. I placed them on the chandelier, mirror, and walls. I don’t think you can get too many butterflies for this “spooky” look.

Click here for the butterfly place card template.

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