Friendsgiving, all about a celebration of giving thanks with friends, is usually a potluck affair. Held a weekend or two before Thanksgiving (or whenever you desire), Friendsgiving has no hard and fast rules. It’s just a time to gather, share a meal, and be thankful.

Having a potluck meal gives you more time to plan a special table.

This table is all about the centerpiece. The velvet pumpkins were laid out first with the three large pods. I found the pods at a florist. They feel like wood and give the table a unique look.

The pumpkins look like the expensive designer type that I love so much, but they are actually something else. I bought them at a fall sale. I took off the resin stems that came on them and hot glued on real pumpkin stems. Then I reshaped them by grabbing a handful of batting and pulling up on it to help form pumpkin ribs.

Then I added craft-store feathers to a few of the pumpkins and paper flowers to the others.

I then tucked in different types of greenery around the pumpkins. I bought a few pieces but cut the rest of the greenery from outside. I added a few white hydrangea pieces to brighten.

I put in a couple of dahlias. You can use faux ones by pulling the head off the stem. Hot glue it back on when you are finished with the table. Good quality faux dahlias are hard to tell from real ones.

I also tucked in a couple of wood-look candle stands with pumpkin candles, a few persimmons that look like orange tomatoes, gold alstroemeria flowers, and handmade wool-felted acorns.

To add a little glam to this rustic table, I used glue to paint a ring on some wood slices and then sprinkled them with glitter. You can find several buying sources online by typing “wood slices.”

The striped pods inserted between things are actually dried okra pods and can be purchased on Etsy.

There is no right or wrong on this table but if you have a larger item like a pumpkin in the middle of the centerpiece, it helps to elevate it a little if you want it to stand out. You can cover the “lift” item with extra greenery and flowers.

Because the centerpiece was dark and had a few ivory-colored flowers, I added white plates and bowls, and linens with gold-block printing. Gold flatware worked well with this table since there were gold accents, but silver would have worked too.

For a fun touch, I added pilgrim crackers which give a nod to wishbones, since like wishbones, a person has to pull on each end. The winner will be left with the larger end which has the prize. These crackers have key rings so it is a fun yet practical prize.

I’m bringing the macarons to this Friendsgiving because it has become my hosting tradition!

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