This Thanksgiving table is ready for a feast but as busy as it looks, it was fairly easy to put together.

It started with no tablecloth, beige placemats, and ivory plates and bowls. The dark table worked well with the lighter colors so the tablecloth was eliminated.

A big copper pot serves as the centerpiece and it is stuffed with pumpkins, gourds, and an acorn garland. When using a large bowl, stuff it with balled up paper and then add your decorations on top.

The copper pot sits in the middle of a fall wreath with ivory-colored berries. The berries pop a little more since the plates and napkins are the same color.

The flatware has copper handles that work well with the huge copper pot centerpiece.

Glassware matches the table colors without competing with the centerpiece.

Low candles are scattered across the table. I didn’t use tall candle holders because of a potential conflict with the taller centerpiece. It is enough of a statement piece that I didn’t want anything to fight with it.

You can see how full this table is from a distance, but it isn’t composed of that many elements.

With a table this busy, you have to serve the food on a buffet…

…which is a good idea so you can get up and work off all the food you eat!

Invite a friend or a person you know who doesn’t have a family with which to share Thanksgiving. They will love not only your beautiful table and food but the feeling of being included. Enjoy the rest of the pictures.

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