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Halloween in Elegant Black and White

by elyn_ryn

Halloween minus the spiders, severed hands, and terrifying zombie faces can be just as festive and fun with a more elegant tablescape. The inspiration for this table came from ghost cocktail napkins in black and white.

Rather than using black plastic spiders to give the table a spooky look, I used spider mums in white. I bought mini orange pumpkins and taped over the stems and spray painted them matte black. The white pumpkins are a little larger in size to vary the look.

The table is covered in a black mesh cheesecloth-type fabric and has a white table runner over top.  The cheesecloth fabric is sold around Halloween but is sometimes cut into smaller pieces. Click here to see how easy it is to make a Halloween tablecloth for under five dollars!

Stemless champagne glasses got a little honey around the rim and were then dipped in black sugar crystals.  Using your finger, dip out a little honey and go around the outside top of the glass about 1/4 inch (about 6 millimeters) down from the rim.  Make sure it is a very thin coat so it does not run down the glass.  Pour sugar crystals into a small bowl and twist the rim of the glass through the crystals making sure to coat all the honey.  Shake off any excess sugar. Click here for a White Shivers Cocktail (or mocktail) recipe.

Battery-operated tiny white lights were woven through the centerpiece items.  Tealights also helped light up the center of the table.

Black greenery was created by cutting stems from gardenia bushes and spray painting them a matte black.  Because the black stems were a little severe against the white runner, I added a few green stems and that was what changed the table from stark to elegant.

White bows tied up the cutlery.  No worries for guests because there were no creepy surprises hidden underneath!

Spider mums usually last several days, but if you keep the water changed every day you can extend their shelf life.

The black spray paint helps preserve the cut greenery, but for the unpainted greenery, put them in a vase of water when not using them.  Also, shrub cuttings from plants such as gardenia, boxwood, or camellia will last for a longer time if kept in water between table settings.  The same greenery can be used over and over for different tablescapes and then also used as filler for a vase of flowers.

Black goblets always make a party special!

There will be no scary dreams after this party!

Do you like your Halloween table to be filled with scary surprises or would you set an elegant table for Halloween?  Click here for a chocolate ghost cake that would be perfect for this black and white celebration.

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