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Galentines Glam

One of my favorite tables to decorate is a colorful Valentine’s table. I think the bright colors are uplifting because where I live, we can be in the cold grip of winter on Valentine’s Day. I used flowers in varying shades of pink, which worked well with the idea I had for the party.

Table Inspiration

The inspiration for this table came from the sparkle heart emoji used for texting. If you aren’t familiar with this emoji, it is a bright pink heart with gold stars. I usually like to take one item, such as the sparkling heart, and create a look from it.

I found heart-shaped pink and red paper plates with tiny gold hearts scattered across them, and they embodied the look that I wanted. Then I coordinated all the other colors to match.

I used pink mercury glass votive candle holders to add a bit of light to the table – but with so many flowers, there was not much room for candles!

I used gold charger plates, white dinner plates with gold, and gold flatware. Rustic placemats worked best with this table and the place settings because they complemented the casual flowers.

Chocolate Gifts

I wrapped up treats for guests in white boxes and tied them with a red bow.

Inside the gift boxes were chocolate lips and lipsticks. It is amazing how realistic the lipsticks looked! Some were dark chocolate but had a coating of chocolate “paint” so that they appeared to be “real” lipsticks. I tried my hand at making chocolate lips with white chocolate. It was fun but not as easy as it might seem.

How to Make a Flower Centerpiece

I cut a few stems off of my indoor ferns. Then I added them to the arrangements, which gave them flowing arms that spilled across the table to draw people together and made the table feel cozier.

The dark pink Gerber daisies were the perfect shade of pink for this table, and greenery from a Schefflera plant looked pretty. I made one long arrangement out of three smaller ones. To do this, I used three 12×5-inch platters. I taped wet foam bricks to each platter. Then I inserted flowers into each foam brick on each platter. Once I fit all the containers together, the arrangement appeared to be sitting in one long continuous flower vase. I let lots of greenery and flowers hang over the sides of the bowls to cover the containers and enhance the illusion.

Red roses might be the most popular flower for Valentine’s Day, but tulips usually end up in my flower arrangements.

Take Photos with Props

We took a few pictures with party hats and necklaces to remember our night of fun.

Sparkle Heart Balloon Wall

I bought pink heart mylar balloons and gold stars to create sparkle hearts–inspired by the pink sparkling heart emoji. I taped them together and onto the walls with painter’s tape, which sticks to things well but doesn’t pull paint off the walls.

Did you know that you can reuse mylar balloons? Click here to find out how to remove the helium and save them for your next party.

This party was a fun way to catch up with friends! And it was a good night to try some new recipes. I’ve included links (at the end of this post) to some of the recipes that I used.

Try a Sweet Food Board

We had a sweets board with a variety of candies. I included chocolates and gummies in cherry and cinnamon flavors. Click here to see the filled board and get some ideas for your own board.


  1. Pink Lemonade Macarons
  2. Sour Cherry Cheddar Bites
  3. Smashed Potatoes with Dill Sauce
  4. Steak au Poivre
  5. Salmon with Garlic Lemon Butter

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