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A Graduation Celebration

This graduation celebration for a 2020 college graduate happened a little differently than expected. There was no pomp and circumstance, turning of the tassel, or mortarboard thrown into the air. More importantly, there was no exit through the Sallyport that this graduate had matriculated through. And because it was bad luck to go out of the Sallyport before officially graduating, that tradition, as well the actual graduation ceremony would have to wait.

But all the things that were put on hold did not stop a small family gathering to celebrate this graduate. So blue, gray, and white decorations, the colors of Rice University, were set up and the celebration began.

“Diploma” napkins with blue bows were set at each place setting. I used paper napkins instead of cloth because they would hold the rolled diploma shape once tied.

Beautiful blue etched margarita glasses were used. Although they are not necessarily a traditional drinkware choice, they are a fun choice and I like to use glasses for purposes other than for what they are intended. The blue was a perfect Rice shade and these glasses hold a lot of liquid!

A favorite of the graduate, vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream were served.

Both gray and blue dinner plates were topped with white scalloped plates trimmed in blue.

Place cards were created with a school logo and fireworks. Rice always has fireworks at an evening ceremony the night before graduation. The “stars” on these place cards represent those fireworks.

It is not always easy to find blue flowers, but dark blue hydrangeas worked well with white peonies and roses. Rather than put mascot owls all over the table, I opted for a more subtle look by using the school colors in the flowers and tableware.

Why is there a yellow and black stole in a sea of blue? Well, that is a Rice tradition. Rice’s school colors are blue, gray, and white. However, they have a residential college system, which are eleven dorms each with their own colors, symbols, and traditions. This stole is from Wiess College, the best dorm on campus! Though, of course, that distinction is claimed by the residents of all the other 10 residential colleges on campus as well. They even have an annual “Beer Bike” competition to prove who is best – best at biking, that is! But when Wiess rolls out their signature larger-than-life, bright yellow war pig float, you know the competition will be exciting!

These cookies, made by Whoo’s Bakery? in Houston, Texas, are delicious almond-flavored cookies. The owner of the bakery sent these cookies over 1,000 miles to us to help make this celebration a special occasion! Not only tasty, but these cookies were also beautiful and expertly made!

And the meal served for this graduation celebration? Takeout Chinese food which is this graduate’s favorite!

Congratulations to all Class of 2020 graduates!


Margarita Glasses by Rose Ann Hall Designs

Whoo’s Bakery Cookies, Houston, Texas

Cambria Stoneware Gray and Blue Dinner Plates, Potterybarn

Blue Trimmed Scalloped Salad Plates, William Sonoma

Custom Cupcake Toppers, RSVPpartydecor

24-inch Blue Round Balloons, Party City

2020 Silver Foil Ballons, Walmart

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