Muscari, better known as grape hyacinth, is a favorite flower of mine. They are perfect for a spring table because they can be used in their growing containers, like on this table, or as cut flowers. While I like the Muscari name, it seems no one pronounces it the same. The variations include mascara, moo-scary, mus-car-ee, mus-care-i, must scurry, and the list seems to go on.

But no matter how you pronounce it, this flower makes a pretty table centerpiece. This tabletop was put together with a lavender linen tablecloth, a brown basket, and brown placemats. When using a centerpiece, it helps give the tabletop a harmonious look if you use another element with the same or similar color to pull that color across the table. In this case, the basket and placemats have similar color and texture so they work well together.

White plates and white ceramic bunnies keep the table from becoming too busy. Ribbons in shades of purple and lilac tie up the silverware.

The flowers are still in their small growing pots and placed inside the basket. A little colored grass covers any gaps around the basket. Drinkware in purple, green, and blue contributes to the soothing feel of this table.

Of all the tables I have put together, surprisingly this one was liked best by people with very different tastes. I think it is because it has a calming effect. Maybe the Muscari reminds people of lavender, which is said to be calming to many people.

Add a few details to the table. A little white sheep inside the flower basket makes a whimsical and fun detail.

Scatter chocolate eggs or other candy across the table or place in containers for the guests. A little gift is always appreciated.

White ceramic bunnies can be found online and in many stores. These bunnies were found at Potterybarn and Target. Look for sales right before and after Easter to get the best price and start your own collection.

Dye eggs the same colors as your table colors and place them in cupcake holders or other little cups. Tip: Did you know that after boiling and dyeing an egg, you can rub it with a paper towel to make it shiny and polished?

For a more subtle tabletop or a vintage look, use natural-colored paper grass in place of colored grass. I hope this tablescape gives you some ideas for your own spring or Easter tabletop.

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