Carrot Top Tablescape

by elyn_ryn

This table setting started with whimsical orange paper carrots. Then I found orange ranunculus flowers. A table that was going to be playful suddenly had an airy draping flower arrangement with beautiful ranunculus flowers. Now it was both fun and pretty which can appeal to those who are more comfortable with a casual table and also to those who enjoy the pretty!

I started with plates on a white tablecloth and then added woven placemats to the table for a different look. Do you like this table better with or without the placemats? (Scroll to the previous photo to see the table without the placemats.)

Carrots are handpainted on flour sack towels. They are a generous size for napkins, but great for stamping or painting to customize your table. Letter stencils are available online and in craft stores so that you can use acrylic paint to create a monogram if you want a less whimsical look. Always place a sheet of wax paper underneath the area you are painting so the paint does leak through to other areas of the napkin.

A rabbit riding in a carrot car contributed to the whimsy of this table. Children love these kinds of details and they are also fun for amusing adults too.

Peanut Butter Truffles dipped in orange-colored white chocolate have a candy carrot “chocolate glued” on top. Click here for the recipe.

Glassware with dots also lends a whimsical element to the table.

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