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Easy and Whimsical Carrot Tablescape

This whimsical spring carrot tablescape with crepe paper carrots, handpainted carrot napkins, and polka dot goblets is finished with a fresh ranunculus flower arrangement.

A Whimsical and Pretty Table

Whimsical orange paper carrots inspired this tablescape! I then selected white and orange ranunculus and light pink roses to create an airy, draping centerpiece arrangement. Copper flatware added subtle color to the table, and polka-dotted goblets provided a playful touch!

Easy and Whimsical Carrot Tablescape

Woven Placemats on the Carrot Tablescape

I started with white dinnerware on a white tablecloth. Then, I added woven placemats to the table for a different look. The placemats break up all the white and help define the space for each place setting. Although I felt the table was a little more cozy with them, I noticed it was a little more elegant without them.

Easy and Whimsical Carrot Tablescape

Flowers for Carrot Tablescape

This table was easy to style with a flowing, casual floral arrangement. However, if you are not adept at flower arranging, cut your blossoms short and place them in several small vases scattered around the table. Also, if you use a tall floral centerpiece, consider moving it to the end of the table or a side table so it does not obstruct conversation during the meal.

Easy and Whimsical Carrot Tablescape

Handpainted Napkins

The napkins are whimsical, with little handpainted carrots on the bottom. They are oversized flour-sack towels that come in a generous 28 x 28-inch size and work great for stamping or painting designs to match your casual table theme or place settings. If you are not comfortable freehanding your art, look for ink stamps and stencils online and in craft stores so you can create unique designs for your table.

How to Paint Napkins for a Carrot Tablescape

Use acrylic paint or fabric paint for the napkins. However, be sure to place wax paper underneath the painted area to prevent the wet paint from bleeding through to other areas of the napkin. Let the paint completely dry so it sets. Then, you can wash them, and the paint will stay in place.

Easy and Whimsical Carrot Tablescape

Add Whimsical Decorations to Carrot Tablescape

Add themed fun items to the table to fill up space. A rabbit riding in a carrot car contributed to the whimsical look of this table. Children love these kinds of details. They are a hit with the adults as well!

Easy and Whimsical Carrot Tablescape

Serve Themed Desserts

Buy or make desserts that tie to the table theme to help determine your dessert menu. These Peanut Butter Truffles have a candy carrot glued on top with melted chocolate. I placed them in green cupcake liners and served them on a long marble tray. Click here for the recipe.

Easy and Whimsical Carrot Tablescape

Dessert Ideas

  • Cookies shaped like carrots
  • Carrot cake
  • Carrot-decorated cupcakes
  • Cake pops shaped like carrots
  • Whole strawberries dipped in orange-tinted white chocolate (to look like carrots)
  • Homemade carrot-shaped Rice Krispies Treat
  • Peanut butter truffles with carrot decorations

Appetizer Ideas

  • Orange cheese wedges with a sprig of parsley or dill inserted into the top to mimic a carrot
  • Cheeseball shaped like a carrot and coated in shredded orange cheddar cheese–be sure to add a green herb top
  • Orange mini peppers cut lengthwise and stuffed with a cream cheese dip
  • Multi-colored carrots or carrot sticks with dip

Side Dishes

  • Glazed carrots
  • Roasted carrots
  • Salad with carrots
  • Carrot fries
  • Grated carrot salad


  • Orange jelly beans in clear carrot-shaped bags
  • Orange Goldfish crackers in clear carrot-shaped bags
Easy and Whimsical Carrot Tablescape

The easiest way to add carrots to your tablescape is to add chocolates wrapped like carrots!

Easy and Whimsical Carrot Tablescape

Surprise-Inside Carrots

The crepe paper carrots made by Meri Meri are whimsical and fun. Similar to party crackers, these carrots have a surprise inside when you break them open. However, if you prefer to use them for table decoration only, they will last year to year when you store them in their box.

Easy and Whimsical Carrot Tablescape

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