Light up the Table with Limelights!

by elyn_ryn

I love a gray and white table!  Add some black accents and it will anchor and define your place settings.  Add a little green though and the table takes on a vibrant look.  I have Limelight hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata Limelight) that I love to pick while they are just starting to bloom and still have lots of green colors.  They can light up the table in an instant.

This is how I put this table together:

I placed off-white dinner plates, black salad plates, black flatware, and gray mini bakers together.  I used a table overlay throw that has gray embroidery on an off-white background.  I placed black napkins under the dinner plates and used two different green glasses.  In a white bowl, I placed some florist wet foam and then Limelight hydrangeas that I cut from the garden.  Limelights have long, thick stems so I had to cut them fairly short to fit in the bowl.

None of the dinnerware came from the same set.  I just used different collections and mixed them together.  You can find dinner plates like these here.

The black flatware can be found here.

The gray mini bakers come in different colors.  They can be found online here although I bought mine from a local store so I could pick the colors rather than buying a set of predetermined colors. A set with black, white, and grays would look great with this table too (as shown in the above link).

The black napkins can be found here.  The above picture shows the table without the salad plates, which is a more subtle look.  

The black salad plates have a matte finish.  Similar ones can be found here.

Limelight hydrangeas are fairly easy to care for and grow 6-8 feet in size and a smaller 3-5 foot size.  Mine are planted to get morning sun and afternoon shade and they love those conditions.

The square table overlay is not available anymore.  Many times I use a throw instead of an actual tablecloth.  A throw with gray and white buffalo checks could be used instead of the embroidered overlay I show.  Here is an example.

Use a mixing or serving bowl for flower arrangements. If you don’t have wet foam (also called Oasis), use waterproof florist tape to form a grid across the bowl and fill with water and insert flower stems. This tape usually comes in white and green colors.

Picked later in the growing season, Limelight hydrangea flowers will be more white than green.  Picked in the fall, they are green and pink.

The glasses are not sold anymore; however, colored glasses seem to appear in stores close to holidays. To set a pretty table, mix what you like.  Don’t worry if a glass was made for a purpose that is different from the way you want to use it. It is your table so use what you like.

A gray and white table is a neutral base suitable for any accent color you choose.  This table could have worked well with red, orange, white, or pink accents to name a few.  The accent color can be changed to match the season, what grows in your garden, or what you find at the local flower market.

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