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Mother’s Day Lunch

It is fun to set a Mother’s Day table and sometimes inspiration comes in unusual ways. The fringed overlay on this table is actually a square scarf. I used a white base cloth and then the thin scarf over top. It is a perfect fit for this round table and would have also worked on a square table.

The tablecloth is a square scarf from Spartina 449.

The scarf, with a background of blue and white stripes, has a blue tassel fringe and citrus-colored flowers so there were lots of colors to work with.

I used white scalloped plates with blue trim from William Sonoma. These plates are shaped like flowers, which made them fit the theme perfectly. I used vintage goblets with blue stems and copper flatware.

I didn’t have any fresh flowers for this table so I tried several things for a centerpiece, which included candleholders. But nothing seemed quite right. So, I looked through my faux flowers and found some with similar colors that worked. Sometimes it takes me more effort to work out a centerpiece than all the other details. But once I find the right look, the table pulls together quickly.

This color had so many citrus colors that I served fruit and a tangy orange tart.

Click here for the Orange Cream Tart recipe. It is so easy to make and can be made as a tart or a pie. There is a recipe for the crust, but this pie is tasty in a store-bought graham cracker crust too. It is made with an ingredient that I don’t usually see in recipes. Click here to get the recipe and find out what gives this pie its tart taste.

It is fun to eat things from small cutting boards. I think fruit even tastes better! Maybe it is the novelty of eating fruit in an unexpected way. For a unique look, use boards to serve things individually such as bread, desserts, charcuterie, even fruits!

Vintage coffee cups were the right look for this table to serve macarons and later coffee.

These artisan glasses (below) made by Rose Ann Hall Designs, are some of my all-time favorites! Made from recycled glass, they have flowers etched around the glass and also come in other colors as well as clear. Click here for a link to a site where you can buy their beautiful glasses.

Have you thought about giving a Mother’s Day gift in a flower vase? This way the “gift wrapping” it also a gift.

Whether you have a small or big celebration, Happy Mother’s Day!

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