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Mother’s Day Celebration

The Mother Teresa quote, “Do small things with great love” is a fitting sentiment on Mother’s Day. From a mother’s perspective, this quote manifests in the way we do things for our children, whether they notice it or not. From a child’s perspective, those small mothering gestures wrap us in love.

It is fun to set a beautiful table for the mothers in your life. Whether it is your own mother, a mother-in-law, a mother figure, or your friends who are mothers, take time to do the small gestures. If your mother appreciates flowers, use them on your table. If she’s not a flower lover, choose something else for the centerpiece such as a cake or cookies like macarons.

This table is set with blue and white dinnerware and napkins, while the drinkware ties into the theme with blue stems. Delphinium stems give the large centerpiece a touch of blue, while pink roses and pink and yellow ranunculus add contrasting colors.

Napkins are “fat quarter” cuts from different blue and white fabrics. You can find fat quarters at chain fabric shops, as well as small quilting shops. Many times you can choose the fabrics and ask for a fat quarter cut from a large piece of fabric. It is a good size for napkins at 18 x 21 inches (or approximately 45 x 53 centimeters).

Macarons are a fun touch whether for Mother’s Day or other celebrations. Click here for a cotton candy macaron recipe and click here for a pink lemonade macaron recipe.

Or make a platter of purchased macarons in colors that you like. Click here for an online source for macarons. They are also available at some bakeries. However, macarons have a short shelf life so when purchasing them, look for frozen ones or freeze freshly-made ones if you aren’t using them right away. Once frozen, they will stay good for a long time.

Macarons thaw easily and freezing doesn’t affect their taste or look.

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