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Spring Butterfly Table

by elyn_ryn

This table is all about the flowers – and the pink lemonade!

Ranunculus et al

My favorite flower is a ranunculus followed by other flowers with a similar look such as peonies and cabbage roses. But if I’m honest, the flower list goes on and on! I had different flowers in mind when I ran across white and yellow ranunculus and light green cabbage roses. When I found light pink antique roses too, I forgot the flowers I had hoped to find and bought the ones that were at the top of my favorites list, as well as a few tulips and filler flowers.

I had clip-on yellow butterflies and when I got home, I realized that they would make perfect napkin rings to highlight the bright yellow flowers I had bought.

Vodka for Flowers

I had read a story about a flower designer who puts vodka in water when designing with tulips because it is supposed to make the tulips stand up rather than drooping. I don’t mind if tulips droop, but I thought I would give it a try. What I found was that my vase had so many flowers in it that the tulips couldn’t droop because all the flowers held them up straight! However, the tulips at the bottom of the arrangement did droop because the arrangement was so full. But surprisingly, the stems were not wilted and soft, but crisp and rigid.

The formula is 7 parts water and 1-part vodka – or you can do it the way that I did and just add a big splash of vodka to the water!

I also found the fragile ranunculus stems less droopy too after putting the vodka in the water. But the effect was subtle so I will probably try it a few more times before I make up my mind about using vodka.

Pink Lemonade

The pink roses I used were very pale so I used blush-colored napkins to soften the look of the bright flowers. Those flowers reminded me of pink lemonade and it was the perfect look for the table. With pink lemonade on my mind, I had to make some.


  1. Chargers – Serena and Lily
  2. Dinner plates – Vietri
  3. Salad plates – Vietri
  4. Napkins – similar
  5. Silverware – Vintage
  6. Glasses – Kate Spade Larabee Dot – similar in Kate Spade Clover pattern
  7. Butterflies – similar in different colors
  8. Flower vase – similar in a smaller size
  9. Flowers – Trader Joe’s

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