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Sunflowers and Pumpkins Table

Set a pretty table with sunflowers and pumpkins and get inspiring ideas for creating a yellow and gray fall tablescape.

If you enjoy setting a pretty table for special occasions or want to try something new, here is a fall table to give you inspiration and ideas. Use a table like this for events such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, fall equinox celebrations, or just to gather with family and friends.

Cut-Out Names

This table uses cut-out names as place cards. I ordered them on Etsy several months before I planned to use them. They are laser cut from wood-look acrylic in pretty scrolling handwriting. You can order other words such as “thankful” and “grateful” instead of names if you prefer. I like these cutouts because they work well for place cards, can be reused (if you invite the same people), and work well as gift tags. They have an affordable price point too.

Search for cut-out names on Google or Etsy to see a variety of cut-out styles if you are interested in making a table with these. Click here for the shop I used to make the ones for my table.

Use a Dark Background for Light-Colored Names

These names are a lighter color, so they do not work well on white or light-colored plates. Since I wanted to use white plates on this table, I solved the problem by placing darker charcuterie boards underneath the names. Other ways to solve the problem are to place dark napkins on the plates (and then place the cut-out names) or use dark dinnerware. Think of things you already have and use something unusual.


Many different types of placemats would work on this table. I chose natural-colored ones because they looked best with the charcuterie boards and the other natural items on the table. Also, you don’t have to use placemats if you don’t have anything that will work with your table setup. If you want contrast, use a dark plate on a lighter table or tablecloth, or white on a dark table. These placemats can be found by clicking here.

The cut-out names are very pretty when seen from above the table.

Mini Charcuterie Boards

The best place to get mini charcuterie boards (at the best price) is at a discount home goods store. You can also find them online in many sizes and shapes, but you will pay a little more. Instead of placing guest names on the boards, you could set a pumpkin or appetizer on each charcuterie board.

Block-Printed Table Linens

This large tablecloth has a printed border around the bottom and sides with gray printed designs in the center. Block-printed table linens are trendy right now, as well as embroidered ones. If you want to use these linens, look first for vintage linens–possibly some that family members used a few years ago. You also can find lots of block-printed linens online. They vary in price because some are printed on heavier fabrics than others. Also, design complexity and the number of colors used add to the cost of these linens.

Table Centerpiece

This table has live flowers and real pumpkins with a bit of faux mixed in: faux pumpkins, faux berries, and faux leaves! I love to use fresh flowers and pumpkins, but they are not always available in the colors and kinds I need when I want to use them. A good tip is to buy a few faux flower stems and pumpkins and mix them into your table arrangements when you don’t have enough fresh items to finish your table decor. It is hard to tell some fake flowers from real ones–and they last a lot longer!

Be Flexible on Flowers

This centerpiece was supposed to have white sunflowers, but fresh ones were unavailable. Instead, I used a mix of fresh white Gerber daisies and yellow sunflowers. Sometimes the backup plan works out just as well as the original plan!

Mix and Match Drinkware

Mix and match your glasses until you like the way they look. If you only need one type of glass, set the table that way. It is pretty when you have several glasses on the table, but it is not always necessary. This table has vintage silver goblets and modern gray goblets by Vietri.

Use Drinkware in Different Ways

Also, unless you are having a formal dinner, use glasses any way you want for your beverages. It is all about enjoying the meal and the guests. Besides, many people do not know the difference between types of glasses and their uses. It is more important to make guests feel comfortable than to ensure they use the correct beverage glass. Also, goblets make pretty flower vases, so think of new ways to use your drinkware.


I used three types of candles on this table: gray tapers in short holders, orange pillar candles, and pumpkin-shaped candles. Candles can set a pretty mood for evening meals. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using them.

Catch Dripping Wax with Bobeches

Taper candles drip a lot. You can purchase bobeches (pronounced bō-ˈbesh) to slide over taper candles to prevent drips from ruining your table and linens. There are clear ones that are not very noticeable. Many modern chandeliers have bobeches even though electric lights do not need them (shown below). They are a design holdover from the days of candle-lit fixtures.

This chandelier has bowl-shaped bobeches at the bottom of the light. The bobeches are not necessary for modern electrical lighting since there is no wax to drip.

Scented Candles

It is best to use unscented candles when serving food because many candle fragrances will overpower the aroma of food. Since smell helps to whet the appetite, don’t let candle scents overwhelm your delicious meal!

Health Concerns

Some guests may have health conditions that make breathing smoke a problem. Solve this problem in one of two ways. Set the table with candles but don’t burn them. Or, use battery-operated lights. Click here for flameless candlesticks.


The star-shaped candleholders (shown below) are perfect for keeping tapers low on a table. These particular holders are also sold in a square design. They are very affordable and can be spray-painted in other colors if you choose. Click here for a source for these candleholders.

Other Sources

Gold and Gray Cutlery (similar)

Berries sprays, wheat, pumpkins, and fall leaves were found at Michaels, Home Goods, and local sources.

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