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Yellow Pumpkin Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Table Set Three Different Ways

This Thanksgiving table started with yellow pumpkins but ended up being set in three different ways because yellow pumpkins can be very versatile! My interest in yellow pumpkins began last summer when I saw a yellow ceramic pumpkin at one of my favorite home decor stores. It was sitting behind the counter being held for another customer. There were no pumpkins in the store, so I gave up on finding another one.

Then later in the fall, I found yellow pumpkins in velvet.

Small Flower Arrangements First Table

I used a long gold tray and sat 5 pumpkins in the middle of the table. However, I didn’t realize how much of the table a long centerpiece would fill. So, I added small arrangements on either end of it.

I have had an infatuation with pink and yellow this year (click here to see another pink and yellow table with my favorite cherry blossoms). And these pink camellia blossoms with large yellow stamens were so eye-catching in a fall arrangement with yellow roses and other autumn-hued flowers that I wondered why I hadn’t used them before in this way.

I used a white runner on a dark table for this autumn/Thanksgiving table. It is bright and cheerful with the yellow pumpkins and exactly how I wanted the mood to feel.

I used gold wishbones on the plates to add a pop of color to the white plates.

Try using unexpected colors together for flower arrangements to make them interesting and eye-catching.

I only had three yellow pumpkins so I added white ones to the center arrangements to contrast with the yellow hues.

Always look outdoors to see if you have anything you can use for flower arrangements. I had camellias, greenery from lavender plants, iris seedpods, and hydrangeas that I used for this arrangement.

See table sources at the end of this post.

Tall Arrangements Second Table

Next, I used tall arrangements since the low arrangements had to be very small to fit on the table with the end place settings.

Because of their height in large vases, I was able to use lots of flowers for the arrangements.

Mix and match drinking glasses as you please to make a table you like. When you are setting a casual table, there are no rules really.

If you use large arrangements, consider if your guests have allergies. If that is a problem, consider using faux flowers because many are hard to discern from real ones and look just as beautiful. As you will see in the third table section below, I have another idea for solving this problem.

I baked bread in “Gather” baking cups for this table setting. If you don’t make your own rolls, use frozen store-bought ones and let them thaw and rise in baking cups. Then bake as you normally would.

Tall arrangements can make it hard to talk to everyone at a long table but they can also serve as partitions to let people have separate conversations at each end of the table.

With Candles Third Table

The third table uses no flowers at all. It is a perfect table for those who are sensitive to flowers. I used the same flower vases but placed candles in them. In these vases/candle holders, battery-operated flicking candles would be hard to tell from real candles.

The simplicity of this table gave it a clean and modern look.

I used gold-trimmed glasses and baking cups, as well as gold flatware.

This simple look with just white, gold, and yellow, lets the served food add all the color and warmth to the table.

I added yellow velvet ribbons around the white napkins.

Then I cut iris pods about 5 inches long, used a needle to thread clear fishing line through the end of the stem, and tied it around the ribbon. The clear thread did not show and the rustic pod was pretty with the dark table and yellow ribbon.

The inspiration pumpkin is not a gold color, but a soft yellow color and worked very well with the gold accents on this table.

A pumpkin punch bowl with gold and silver ladle (below) is a pretty way to serve a holiday beverage.

Which look do you like best?


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