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Rustic July 4th Celebration

This rustic July 4th celebration table in patriotic colors is also suitable for Memorial Day. Sit vases of fresh blue hydrangeas inside a reclaimed or wooden box to create an easy-to-make centerpiece.

The Centerpiece for Rustic July 4th Celebration Table

This table was inspired by a reclaimed wood box that I have always wanted to fill with hydrangeas. Fortunately, I have several blooming hydrangea bushes, so the time was right.

Rustic July 4th Celebration

Flag Table Runner

I found a burlap flag table runner that worked well with this rustic look. I placed the runner on a bare table and added a wooden box made from reclaimed wood. Next, I filled four short glass tumblers with water and sat them (spaced out) inside the box. Then I added fresh hydrangeas to the tumblers, filling in any gaps.

Rustic July 4th Celebration

Add Flags to the Rustic July 4th Celebration Centerpiece

I placed six small flags into the flowers, three on each side of the box. Small flags are inexpensive and can be purchased in sets, so you have several on hand for decorations.

Rustic July 4th Celebration

Mix and Match Blue Dinnerware

I used blue dinner plates with rattan placemats and mixed and matched dessert/salad plates and bowls. Use what you have, and don’t be afraid to mix patterns and styles.

Rustic July 4th Celebration

The above bowl was my favorite with this table, but I had to mix others in because I didn’t have enough of this pattern. The lesson is: use what you have! When food is added to the bowls, they all look the same!

Rustic July 4th Celebration

Use Canning Jars on Rustic Tables

I used canning jars for glasses and placed bandanas in them with red flatware and a windmill straw. The jars doubled as drinking glasses and utensil holders and are a fun way to dress up the table.

Rustic July 4th Celebration

Tie grosgrain and raffia ribbons to the jars to dress them up.

Rustic July 4th Celebration

You can change the table styling by adding small flags to the jars rather than adding them to the floral centerpiece.

Rustic July 4th Celebration

Bandanas for the Rustic July 4th Celebration Table

I used red, blue, and white bandanas. The bandanas have a busy pattern, so they looked best in the drinking jars or rolled up on this table.

Rustic July 4th Celebration

This table was simple to put together. However, it can be patriotic without the flags, but they add a fun touch!

Rustic July 4th Celebration

Menu Ideas for a Rustic July 4th Celebration Table

Cherry Pies

Try serving individual cherry pies for this party. Trust me, guests love individual-sized pies!

Trying adding some pastry stars cut with mini cookie cutters. Click here for this cherry pie recipe.

Rustic July 4th Celebration

Pork BBQ

For the main dish, try my pork BBQ recipe. It is simple to make ahead of time and can be served pulled or chopped.

Rustic July 4th Celebration

Sources for Items seen in this Post

Burlap Flag Table Runner: Search online for “vintage American flag table runner”

Reclaimed wood box: Handmade from vintage wood; similar wooden box from Etsy

Round Rattan Placemats: Serena and Lily

Dinner Plates: Pottery Barn Cambria Ocean Blue

Salad Plates with Blue Edge: similar

Bowls with Dark Blue Star Pattern: no longer available; substitution blue star bowls

Bowls with Blue Stripes: Vietri Modello

Canning Jars: Many grocery stores and online at Michaels

Bandanas: Oriental Trading

Red Handled Flatware: Discontinued, similar style

Windmill Paper Straws: Discontinued – similar patriotic straws

4 x 6-inch American Flags: Michaels

Oval Baking Pans: similar-sized pans

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