This whimsical rainbow-colored table is perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

The table runner is nothing more than rainbow-colored wrapping paper. Think outside of the box for things to use on your table. This $4 roll of wrapping paper is an inexpensive way to decorate a table in the colors you want to use because wrapping paper does come in all colors of the rainbow!

Flowers in rainbow hues are placed in 12 small vases that line the table runner–but fewer vases of flowers would work just as well. All the flower stems are cut short to fit into the small glass vases. Small jars, canning jars, or candle holders work well as mini vases. Use whatever you have. All the vases don’t have to be exactly the same size or shape because the flowers hide the vases. No one notices the vases with bright and vibrant flowers.

Mixed rainbow-colored glassware matches the colorful theme. Even though the glasses are colored, they are fairly translucent so that you can see the colorful flowers through them. Clear glasses would also work with this table.

The tablecloth and napkins, as well as the dinnerware, are all white. This lets all the color stay in the middle of the table. Since it is so busy, you can keep the space around the table neutral.

Or punch it up more by adding flowers and greenery to the napkin ring.

Gold chargers and flatware match the gold stripes in the table runner.

Gold ribbons are tied around the white napkins. Toothpick cupcake toppers can be stuck behind the ribbons to give the napkins a whimsical touch.

Lucky horseshoes, clovers, and leprechaun designs dress up the napkins for this St. Patrick’s Day table. While the gold horseshoes are subtle and match the gold colors of the place setting, it is fun to add a little unexpected color with the clovers and leprechauns.

You can sometimes find cupcake toppers at places like HomeGoods. They are usually sold in a box with cupcake liners. However, if you have a large hole puncher, you can make toppers by buying a sheet of scrapbook paper in glitter, a solid color, a foil metallic color, or patterned paper. First, punch out several shapes with the hole puncher. Using round wooden toothpicks, put a toothpick between two cutouts, gluing the cutouts together. Let dry and you have whimsical cupcake toppers.

You can also find cupcake toppers online at Etsy. The ones in these pictures are made by Meri Meri. Their website is but you can also find their products at many other places online.

Or add a big splash of color with mixed fresh or faux flowers.

Or add a more subtle color with matching flowers.

Lots of times flower choices are dictated by what is available. Since the paper rainbow runner had vibrant colors, I picked flowers with vibrant colors as well.

I used a few plastic gold coins and scattered them down the middle of the table. Since Irish myth says leprechauns hide their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, it seems appropriate for this table with the rainbow runner.

Gold-wrapped chocolate coins would also be a good choice so guests can help themselves to a sweet treat after the meal.

Sparkling wine in rainbow-colored bottles goes perfectly with this rainbow-themed table. You can even use them as parting gifts for your guests.

I hope you enjoy this fun versatile table and try your own hand at mixing rainbow colors!

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