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St. Patty’s Day Celebration

Whether for St. Patrick’s Day or anytime, a green and white table is easy to put together. White flowers with greenery make this table calm and relaxing while clear glasses with fern etchings have a “green” appeal. Finally, clear smaller glasses hold tulips and greenery keeping a low profile for easy conversation. But most importantly, keep it simple and use natural elements to get this look.

Start with a white runner or tablecloth to brighten this table and then add a few gold coins to add interest. You can usually find coins around St. Patrick’s Day at most dollar stores and white table runners are usually easy to find online such as this basic white one which is very versatile and can be used for many different types of table settings.

Green sherbet punch is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and can be served as a mocktail or cocktail. Plus, it is very easy to make! Click here for the recipe.

White plates contrast nicely against the dark green “shamrock” napkins, and silverware instead of goldware makes a subtle statement. However, if you want to punch it up a bit, try using gold utensils to coordinate with the gold coins.

These napkins are a 3-leaf version of the popular 4-leaf shamrock napkin fold and represent the Trinity of St. Patrick’s Day. Fortunately, there is only a small folding difference between the two: Bind one of the four clovers with a gold ribbon to make a 3-leaf version. However, if you like the aesthetic of a 4-leaf clover or shamrock, the 4 leaves represent faith, hope, love, and luck which is a perfect sentiment for a gathering of friends.

Add small vases with various greenery which seems to be plentiful in the flower departments around St. Patrick’s Day. You can stop with just the greenery, but to brighten the table more, add white tulips or other white flowers. These “vases” are actually candle holders and are the perfect size for holding short stems, but you can use small drinking glasses or stemless wine glasses to get a similar look.

There are lots of traditional Irish foods that you might serve at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration or you can just serve some new ideas and recipes of your own. To give you some ideas, I’ve included a list with links to some of my favorite St. Patty’s Day recipes at the bottom of this post.

The fun of a green table is that it works well for a spring or summer table too. So if you don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but want an easy, sophisticated table, remember to use lots of natural greenery and contrast it with white elements such as flowers and a table runner.

Click on any of the following names to link to some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day recipes:

  1. Green Shamrock Crackers
  2. Mini Crab Cakes
  3. Rainbow Fruit Skewers
  4. Key Lime Olive Oil Cake
  5. Roasted Broccoli with Pecans
  6. Lime Sherbet Punch
  7. Irish Beef Stew
  8. Rainbow Cheesecake
  9. Key Lime Macarons

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