Natural Christmas Table

by elyn_ryn

There are so many ways to set a Christmas table or an anytime table with natural greenery. This table has pine and deodar cedar cuttings, seeded eucalyptus and silver dollar eucalyptus, as well as ivy and white lilies.  It looks more formal with crystal candleholders, but it is a casual table.

A Natural Christmas - House of Elyn Ryn

If you have access to trees and shrubs, it is easy to take cuttings and place them in water for later use.  Be sure to soak them in water to get rid of bugs and spiders or you will have them crawling across your table.

For this table, I paired the greenery with white, gray, and black.  I used several glass candleholders which added some glam to the rustic greens.

I didn’t use a tablecloth for this table, which kept the table from feeling too dressed up.

I used gray placemats turned sideways so that they are draping off the table.  White caterer’s dinnerware (found here) is useful for any natural tablescape you want to set because it will not compete with the center decorations.

Leave a little gift such as a small box of chocolates at each place setting to make your guests feel special.  For this table, I wrapped small boxes of fairy lights for each guest. Maybe they can use them to decorate their own table. Honestly, whatever you give them, they will be thrilled that you thought of that small detail.

For guests who don’t do well around smoke from candle flames, use battery-operated candles.  Usually, they have a timer built in so you don’t have to remember to turn them off after dinner.

You can purchase crystal candle holders online.  Click here to find some that are similar to the ones I used.

To fit the lilies into the greenery so they didn’t compete with the tall candle holders, I cut the stems very short and placed them in 3-inch tall glass jars that are about the size of baby-food jars.  A half-sized canning jar would also work. Anything small and watertight can be used because the greenery and large lily head will hide most containers.

I used vintage silverware to keep everything white and bright.

I had a tree branch cut into little discs a few years back. As I put this table together, I found them and scattered a few throughout the greenery for some added interest to the center arrangement.  I had a few small ones with holes drilled in them so I used them to tie around the gifts.  When you use wood and greenery together, it can give you the modern farmhouse look that is popular right now.  Pinecones are another option that would have worked just as well.  Look around to see what you have and add unexpected items in the greenery for a unique center arrangement.

This drinkware has vine etchings and works well with all the natural greenery.  You can find etched glassware here.

Because greenery is so versatile, you can use other flower colors to suit your tablescape. See what you already have on hand to add to the greenery and flowers to make the table uniquely yours.

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