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Shades of Green and White Christmas Tour

This green and white Christmas foyer tree, decorated in shades of green, has aqua and white ornaments, ribbons, birds, and berries. It departs from traditional red and green colors but still has lots of shimmer and sparkle.

Shades of Green

I am always inspired by evergreens for Christmas decorating. There is something peaceful yet invigorating about fragrant fresh-cut branches brought indoors during winter. It is also interesting to depart from traditional red and green and pair shades of green and white together. But if you miss all the red, place a few red berry branches throughout your decor to give you a hint of traditional Christmas red.

Evergreen Christmas Foyer

How to Easily Transition to a New Look

It is easy to transition to a new look on a Christmas tree. I do it all the time! The secret is to have a base color that you use every year. In my case, it is white. Then, I added a new color to the base color to change the look of the tree. For example, a couple of years ago, this tree was red and white. To transition to the new look, I removed only the red ornaments and stems and used all the white Christmas ornaments. Then I added the new color Christmas ornaments and ribbon. The tree was transformed!

How Much Color Will Transition a Tree

You might think it takes a lot of ornaments to transition a tree to a new color, but it does not. It only takes a few ornaments in a new color to change your tree’s look. This tree is 9 feet tall and is fully decorated all around. I used about 40 green ornaments for the whole tree, whereas a smaller tree sitting against a wall would use fewer ornaments in the accent color. If I had used 100 green ornaments on this tree, green would be my base color, not white.

Green and White Christmas

Star Topper

The starburst tree topper is papier mache. This particular one is sold out, but similar ones can be found online. It is an antique gold and was just the right touch for the top of this tree.

Evergreen Christmas Foyer

Birds for a Green and White Christmas Tree

I love to add birds to the tree and found several in neutral colors. You can buy jeweled birds for glam trees or unadorned birds for woodland or rustic trees. Click here to find birds similar to this brown and gray bird (below).

Green and White Christmas

Green Tree

After having an all-white flocked tree, it was hard to return to an evergreen tree. However, it was necessary to change the white one because it had gradually turned brown from the summer heat during storage. Flocked trees, I realized too late, turn brown if stored in a hot attic. Each year, I sprayed it with a snow product, but even so, it eventually turned into various shades of brown and gray. I tried a flocking product, but the tree had so much buildup of flocking that the brown color always seeped through the new flocking.

Green and White Christmas Foyer

Stems for a Green and White Christmas Tree

This tree has dozens of greenery and flower stems placed into it. Floral stems make a faux tree look more realistic because it takes away some of the artificial perfection. Artificial trees have become more lifelike, but they still are a lot more perfect than real trees. If you place berry stems or floral stems in your faux tree, you can use them to vary the length of the branches. This will make the tree look more natural.

Green and White Christmas Foyer

Garland and Bows for a Green and White Christmas

The real-touch Norfolk Pine garland has a droopy, sparse appearance that can enhanced by adding ribbons or stems. I added a golden paper chain to it.

Sparkly Paper Chains

Did you make paper chains as a child? This paperchain is made of stiff gold sparkle paper and looks great in the pretty glow of Christmas lights. I bought the last two gold chains from a small shop and then decided to use more chains. I went to a craft store and bought sturdy cardstock in sparkly gold. After cutting the paper, I hot glued the chain circles together using clothespins until they dried. Here is a link for a similar linked Christmas chain.

Green and White Christmas Foyer

Christmas Mantle

The mantle is decorated in faux evergreen and eucalyptus greenery with hanging ornaments.

Green and White Christmas Foyer

Silver ornaments hang from silver stems, giving the mantle a whimsical look.

Green and White Christmas Foyer

I hung white velvet stockings with green ribbons on the mantle. I placed Command Hooks underneath the cedar garland to hang the stockings. When using a Command Hook, make sure the weight of the Christmas stocking, filled with goodies, meets the weight requirement of the hook.

Green and White Christmas Foyer

Table Top for Green and White Christmas

Accents of green tie into the green and white Christmas theme.

Green and White Christmas Foyer

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