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Red, White & Blue Summer Tablescape

Ocean-Themed Table with Crab Glasses

This red, white, and blue tablescape is a fun look for summer with lots of warm colors, ocean-themed plates, crab glasses, seashells, and hydrangea flower arrangements.


The flower arrangements for this table have blue hydrangeas, white peonies, white roses, and red roses that I placed into two white pitchers. To keep them looking fresh, I submerged and soaked the hydrangeas in a sink of water before making the arrangements. Hydrangeas can dehydrate in flower arrangements, so I always try to take at least 30 minutes to soak the flowers before using them. I also cut the stems at an angle to create a large surface for water intake. If you buy hydrangeas (instead of cutting them from a bush), cut about an inch (or more) off the end of the stems to refresh them for absorbing water.

Set the Table

I used my favorite light blue and white Heather Taylor gingham tablecloth from Magnolia. It has a fringe along the edges and is a versatile look that goes well with bright or pastel colors. The coral-red placemats are from Kate Spade and can still be found on eBay. The plates and napkins (discontinued) are paper, and the flatware (similar in silver and blue here) is blue and gold plastic. I got the plastic cups with crabs at Home Goods for a fun look on this table.

Blue Glasses

I also used blue glasses (discontinued) on this table. I liked the contrast with the warm red colors and thought they would make a pretty look with patriotic flags for a 4th of July celebration that you can see here.

Serving Basket

I found this crab basket at Home Goods and knew I wanted to work it into this table. It can be used to hold shells to decorate the table or serve food such as sandwiches, chips, or cookies.

I used it as a bread basket with toasted parmesan bread. I prefer the food option because I always need lots of serving space. Click here for the recipe.

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