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4th of July Tablescape

Bright & Festive

I have mixed emotions about the 4th of July! I love the holiday because it is festive and fun, but at the same time, July 4th seems to mark the halfway point and the countdown to the end of summer–something I always hate to see come to an end! So I spend my time savoring summer in the weeks leading up to July 4th.

I might set a red, white, and blue table long before the calendar turns to July. This year, I started thinking about the Fourth of July in May. I trekked to Waco, Texas, to visit Magnolia Market at the Silos and found the blue gingham tablecloth I used on this table. It is one of my all-time favorite tablecloths because of its pretty baby blue color and versatility. It is pale enough to use with a subtly-decorated tablescape, yet it holds its own with a bold red, white, and blue tablescape!

Red, White, & Blue Rendition

For the last few years, I have set tablescapes with red, white, and blue colors that can be used for purposes other than a patriotic celebration. This table is an example of that. It has patriotic colors but is an ocean-themed tablescape.

Add Flags to Make it Patriotic

After I set this table, the patriotic colors needed another touch to make it worthy of a Fourth of July celebration. So I added American flags to the flower arrangements. Suddenly, it became a celebration table!

Changing the Glasses

Although I am very partial to the blue glasses on this patriotic table, I changed them to plastic glasses with crabs. This gave the table a different look and one that would work well on an outdoor table. Scroll through the photos to see which look you like best.

Click here to see this tablescape as a red, white, and blue summer table without the patriotic flags.

July 4th Recipes

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