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Green & White Tablescape

by elyn_ryn

One of my favorite color combinations for table settings is green and white! I set this table for a Father’s Day celebration, but this look would also work well for St. Patrick’s Day or any other celebration when you desire a pretty table that is simple to put together.

Place Settings

These white filigree plates always look striking against a dark background. To create this green and white look, I added green salad plates and green napkins to the white plates. I tied white velvet ribbons around the napkins and inserted white flowers. I also added a white runner to the dark table and placed three vases of flowers.


The fresh-cut gardenias I tucked into the napkins’ tied ribbons bloom in my garden in the late spring/early summer. They have a rose-like appearance and a sweet fragrance. Their shiny green leaves make long-lasting filler for cut flower arrangements. The downside to gardenias is that their heady scent can be overpowering in large doses. Also, the white flowers turn brown quickly when they are cut. But you can slow the browning process by placing them in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them.

Place Cards

I used cut hydrangea leaves (also from my garden) as place cards and wrote names on them with a gold marker. Hydrangea leaves keep very well after you cut them. Just place the leaf stems into a glass of water, and the leaves will keep for days until you are ready to use them.


I placed white hydrangeas and white roses into a green pottery vase. Then I added pink flowers to the white hydrangeas. If creating a table for Father’s Day, you could add your dad’s favorite flower to the arrangement.

Etched Glassware

I finished this table with clear glasses etched with ferns to match the ferns on the center green vase. This table was simple to set. I used what I already had and added flowers and ribbons to dress it up. Enjoy the rest of the photos!

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