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Grandmillennial Easter Table

Grandmillennial Style

This is a fun spring table that reminds me of the grandmillennial style because of its multiple colors, flowers, and traditional look. If you are unfamiliar with the term “grandmillennial style,” it refers to updated “traditional style” with contrasting layers of color juxtapositioned in new ways.

Bunny Napkin Rings

My favorite things on this table are the cute little bunny napkin rings. They are made with felted balls that have gold bunny ears. I hot glued each bunny ball to a gold napkin ring.

I tried them “face” up, as shown above. And “ears” up, as shown below.

Either way worked well. To make these bunny napkin rings, use one dot of hot glue to secure the felted ball to the ring. When finished using them, they are easy to pop off the napkin rings. You can find the source for these cute felted bunny balls by clicking here.


The flowers pull together the grandmillennial look for this table. I used a few purple lisianthus flowers to match the purple color in the tablecloth and pink and lilac colors to accent the napkins. There are a few redbud branches added to the arrangement from tree cuttings. The redbud branches were the base color for the flower arrangement, and I bought all the other flowers to match. There are many pinkish-red flower choices, so you can create this look even when it is not early spring–which is the prime redbud-blooming season.

Creating the Flower Arrangement

I used a round glass vase for the flower arrangement and chose a napkin color that I wanted to pair with the tablecloth. Then I cut the redbud branches as the base color for the flowers and then bought flowers to coordinate with the redbud branches. The flower colors ranged from pink to lilac, with a few purple stems to match the tablecloth. I did not add any greenery and removed most of the leaves from the flowers. In this case, color was more important than the type of flowers. Click here for a post on preparing a vase for fresh flowers.

Colored Glassware

Colored glassware is very popular these days, and I have always loved it! There are so many choices available that it is hard to choose what to buy. For the best investment, look at three things. The first thing to consider is whether the glassware works with the dinnerware you already own. Otherwise, you might have to buy new dinner plates to match the glasses.

Coated Glassware vs Colored Glass

The second consideration is whether the colored glassware is coated with a colored film or if it is colored glass. Glassware coated with a colored coating cannot usually be placed into a dishwasher, or it will peel off. Glassware that is colored is more durable, but it still might be recommended that you handwash it.

Casual or Formal Glassware

The third consideration is whether the glassware is casual or more formal. If you want a casual look, buy colored tumblers. If you plan to use the glassware outside, consider purchasing plastic tumblers or goblets. Don’t forget that goblets can be used as casual glassware too. The fact that they are colored adds to their casualness.

Aqua and Gold Flatware

Did you know that you can buy plastic flatware that looks like the real thing? It is inexpensive and can be washed and used again. Plastic is also lightweight instead of heavy like real silverware, making it easier to store. Click here to see similar flatware to that I used on this table. 

Dinner Plates

The dinner plates I used are La Porcellana Bianca Firenze with a pretty pierced border. Although busy, I think they look pretty with the detailed tablecloth. You can buy them at Williams Sonoma, Amazon, and mrsalice.com, to name a few places.


The napkins are a pinkish-lilac color that I dressed up by attaching a same-color ribbon inside the napkin ring. I let the ribbon hang down the tail of the napkin–kind of like a bunny-ears shadow. (See above photo.) The ribbon is attached with double-sided tape to the underside of the napkin ring. I used a 14-inch ribbon and folded it in a loop (below photo). I taped it together with double-sided tape and then added a short tape piece to the top outside of the ribbon for attaching it to the napkin ring. It is easiest to place the napkin into the ring first and then place the ribbon.

Now it’s your turn to set your own grandmillennial-styled Easter table!

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