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Plaid and Evergreen Table

Inspired by evergreen trees, this plaid and evergreen Christmas table has a centerpiece made from curled ribbons and leafy stems with embedded trees. 

Inspired by Evergreen Trees

This table, inspired by evergreen trees, was easy to put together, inexpensive, and can be created in different colors and patterns based on the ribbons you use. Although it might look complicated, the centerpiece is mainly curled ribbons on seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus stems. Also, I have a couple of tricks that I will share for getting the ribbons to curl easily.

Ribbon Centerpiece

The ribbon centerpiece has only two coordinating ribbons. First, I started with five coordinated ribbons but narrowed them down to a white ribbon with evergreen trees and a green plaid ribbon. Then I chose the plaid ribbon as the base color and added the evergreen tree ribbon because it had a light background that contrasted against the plaid ribbon. All five of the starting ribbons matched, but in the end, less was best.

Tricks for Curling Ribbon

  1. When you unroll a spool of ribbon, it often will keep its shape and curl into swirls. First, I let the natural curl of the ribbons form swirls.
  2. Next, I cut the ribbons into 12-18-inch pieces to make them easier to work with. Unfortunately, when you work with longer pieces of ribbon, it is easy to pull out the natural curl made by the spool.
  3. Then I placed the ribbons on top of a base of both real (eucalyptus) and faux stems.
  4. Finally, I tucked the ends out of sight, so it looked like one long continuous piece of ribbon.

Centerpiece Candles

For height, I added tall white candles and a large evergreen candle. Luckily, the white candles helped pick up the white color in the tree ribbon and brightened the table.

Green votive candleholders with lit candles also helped brighten the center of the ribbon centerpiece and made it feel cozier!

To give this centerpiece a focal point, I added the large green tree candle in the center of the table. Fortunately, its sparkles and green color also helped brighten the table.

Bottle Brush Trees

Small green bottle brush trees are standing in between the ribbons. Those are actually evergreen napkin rings that I placed upright among the curled ribbons to add more visual interest. Fortunately, the depth of the ribbons made the napkin rings stand upright.

Napkins and Ribbons

I tied rolled-up green napkins with white satin bows.

Gold Flatware

I used gold flatware and chargers to pick up the gold trim on the ribbons.

Holiday Bowls and Stemware


The stemware is by Vera Wang for Wedgewood (discontinued) and has a small white etched band around the top of each glass. Instead of trying to duplicate this look, you can create a similar look with any simple glassware that has a delicate look.

Holiday Bowls

I used white bowls (Lastra by Vietri) with green trees. They coordinate well with the ribbons and are some of my favorite holiday bowls! Additionally, they are versatile and mix well with many other dinner plates other than Vietri. Also, these bowls would also look beautiful on a red table since they have small red birds–which I might try next year!

Other Holiday Decor

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