This late summer bridal shower was for a sweet couple planning a fall wedding using shades of pink. It was held on a sunny, hot day in August using pretty blush pink shades that were perfect for a summer shower.

Outdoor Venue

We chose to hold the shower at a vineyard with a shady outdoor space for guests. This vineyard, owned by friends who have turned an old two-story farmhouse into a destination for wine tasting, music, weddings, showers, and other occasions, sits right beside the grapevines! They have outdoor tables and seating under a shelter in a beautiful courtyard, making it a perfect spot for a shower!

Small Clear Containers

I love to serve fruit in small clear containers (shown below) with little forks, spoons, or skewers! Each container keeps the food looking fresh and guests always like individual containers of food! I like clear containers because fruit is so beautiful and should be seen. I also think that individual cups are more appealing because no one picks over them as sometimes happens with a large dish of fruit. Nothing is less appetizing than being the last to self-serve and finding a few drippy fruit leftovers that no one else wanted!

You can wash clear plastic containers for reuse. Hand wash them unless they are dishwasher safe. If handwashing, be sure to dry them to prevent water spots.

Mini Cheeseballs

Small individual cheese balls were served on crackers with toothpick skewers. To replicate this presentation, take your own individual servings, use a traditional cheese ball recipe and assemble all the ingredients. Then instead of making one large ball, roll up individual balls and then dip them into chopped nuts or other chopped ingredients. Sit them on a cracker and place them into short, clear plastic cups. Serve with a toothpick for easy eating.


We served cupcakes instead of a layer cake and offered two flavors – vanilla and chocolate. This is a no-mess option and requires no cutting!

Savory Dip

Spinach dip balances the sweet foods and gives you a crudité option with a heavier creamy dip, making two savory dishes in one. Remember to have extra cut veggies on hand because guests love this dip and usually want to finish it all up! You can also offer small cups of bread cubes because this dip is great on bread as well as crackers.

French Macarons

A pink-colored shower is a perfect time to serve macarons. Pink cotton candy and green apple macarons can be made at home and have the best taste and texture for up to 48 hours after you make them. You can also refrigerate them for about a week or freeze them for up to three months in a tightly sealed container to preserve the fresh-made taste. Click here for the green apple recipe and click here for the cotton candy recipe.

Homemade Peppermints

White peppermints were a nice touch! Serve a couple of mints in a paper candy cup. These cups are gold to match the gold on the serving dishes.

Slush Punch

People love a slushy punch because it is a little more special than a regular punch. The good thing about this recipe is that you freeze the actual strawberry punch to make the slush instead of adding ice after it is made. This will keep it from being watered down when the ice starts melting. Click here for a red strawberry slushy punch recipe perfect for so many occasions other than just showers. Think about using it for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, or July 4th celebrations, to name a few.

The red slush punch was a nice contrast to the light-colored flowers. We used champagne coupes with hollow stems, so the strawberry punch was visible from the bottom of the glass to the top, which was a pretty look!

Water Labels

On this hot day, water was a must. But always offer water to guests at any shower because not everyone will drink sweet punch. To make the water bottles pretty, you can purchase an online premade label template (water bottle bridal shower labels template). Then download it, and type in the text, and print.

You can also order ready-made labels, which is easiest since labels are usually printed on special paper. To use new custom labels, remove the paper labels from the water bottles. Then affix the custom labels in place of the old water bottle labels. Premade labels may have adhesive for attaching them. Printed labels you make yourself will not have any adhesive, but you can affix them using double-sided tape or a glue stick. Suddenly plain water bottles become souvenir bottles!

Floral Arrangements

Beautiful floral arrangements made by friends at Sunset Gardens were in the bride’s chosen pink hues. They were full of roses in blush colors, peaches, and pinks.

These were such beautiful flower arrangements with soft sage green greenery and leather leaf stems mixed with cream and white flowers.

Lantern Arrangements

Pink flowers tucked inside rustic lanterns decorated the tables and were gifts for the bride and groom. They were arranged in shallow containers and lasted a few days. You can create a similar look using oversized, rustic lanterns. Have a florist (or yourself) fill the lanterns with removable silk flowers that you can use during the spring and summer. In the fall and winter, remove the flowers and replace them with a tall battery-operated candle and greenery or add seasonal decor.

Lanterns like these are usually for indoor use, but you can use them outdoors under a shelter.

If the flowers hang out of the lantern, it is best to elevate the lantern on a pedestal so that the flowers can hang freely.

Parting Gifts

Attaching New Wrappers to Chocolate Bars

Everyone expects to shower the bride and groom with gifts at a wedding shower. However, it is nice to offer guests a thank you gift before they leave. These chocolate bars (below) with the same pink and green colors found in the flowers are easy to make. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Buy a box of standard-sized candy bars.
  2. Search online for chocolate bar wrapper templates for showers. The templates are very inexpensive and have instructions for downloading to your computer after purchase.
  3. Type in the shower information that you want to appear on the front of the chocolate bars in the provided places on the template. All of the graphics and design are already done for you. Most templates show examples of what you can type. The wrapper below has the bride’s name, type of shower, and the date of the event.
  4. Print the wrappers on a color printer. Usually, 2 wrappers will fit on an 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheet of printer paper.
  5. Let the printed wrappers dry for a few minutes so they don’t smudge.
  6. If two wrappers are printed on one sheet of paper, cut the wrappers to divide them. Many wrappers have cutting lines as a guide.
  7. Carefully wrap the chocolate bars with the wrappers. Align the wrappers so that they are not crooked on the front of the bars. Also, place the wrappers in the same place on each bar, as shown throughout the stack below.
  8. Attach the wrappers with double-sided tape on the back of the bars.
  9. Display on a pretty platter or in a basket and give to guests.

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