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Valentine’s Day Candy Board

It is so easy and lots of fun to create a candy or sweets board. Making one for Valentine’s Day is especially satisfying because there are lots of candies with heart shapes. I chose pink and red colors for this board but you can create one with other colors. A board with white candies with a few accents of red or pink would be pretty, as well as a pastel-colored board or even a board with unexpected Valentine colors.

This board has a mix of wrapped chocolates and gummy-type candies. I started with a long wooden charcuterie board. Then I added five red heart-shaped containers to hold the wrapped chocolates.

Wrapped items that have paper twisted at both ends work best in containers because they have an irregular shape.

Containers filled with candies add height to the board which makes it more interesting. Arrange the candies in pleasing shapes around your containers. It is good to mix in light colors next to darker colors so that the board has more visual interest and contrast. Have some small plastic tongs on hand so guests can self-serve.

Large candy boards may have lots of candy leftover because pieces are usually small and it takes a lot to fill a board. Have small bags on hand and let the guests fill the bags with their favorite candies to take home.

Have fun creating your own candy board! Click here to see the Valentine’s Day table that inspired this sweet board.

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