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Ribbons Galore and More

I am always looking for interesting and one-of-a-kind stores for home goods. And it is a bonus when they have seasonal goods for the holidays. I found a great home goods store called Craftex in Houston, Texas. It is a one-of-a-kind store with an online store too. They are listed as a wholesale business but anyone can purchase from their store and use their website to order. The website will tell you the minimum order you can place when you put something into your cart.

This store has a much more extensive inventory than I have found anywhere else. I guess it is true what they say about things being bigger in Texas because this store is huge with an extremely large selection of ribbons and much more!

The Christmas Shop

I visited Craftex in September and their Christmas Shop was open. It was in a separate warehouse building. They make use of all the space in this building and items are literally from floor to ceiling!

Craftex decorates display trees to show you what is possible with the plethora of ribbons and baubles.

This black and white decorated tree (below) was a theme tree.

It was beautifully decorated in black, white, and silver.

The designers create stunning displays using a variety of ribbons and flower stems!

This beautiful red tree had every inch covered in decorations. Was there really a tree under there?

This tree had acrylic deer heads that were lighted! It was very unique. Can you imagine how dramatic a tree would be in the dark with all the lighted deer?

An ornament chandelier

This was one of my favorite trees. It had silver, gray, and gold decorations on a snowy tree. Have you noticed all the very large ornaments on the trees? They are non-breakable and there was an aisle filled with boxes containing large ornaments in many colors and sizes.

This is the other side of the tree.

There were lots of colored ornaments for a merry and bright look.

And also, lots of ribbons (below) to match.

Other Shopping

There were many, many other things at Craftex. They had stacks of everyday ribbons…

…in many shades of the same hue.

They also have an up-to-date and extensive selection of specialty books.

There are many flowers for everyday use too!

There was a long aisle filled with silver serving pieces.

This store has an interesting mix of seasonal decorations, floral stems, and home goods, as well as talented designers to create all the beautiful displays. Craftex is located at 7215 Ashcroft Drive, Houston, Texas and you can reach their website by clicking here.

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