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Galentine’s Table Another Way

This table uses a single vase of flowers for the centerpiece. It is perfect for pulling together a table quickly and economically. You need no special flower arranging skills to make this kind of arrangement. However, you will need to buy more than one package of flowers and mix the colors because many tall vases need a lot of flowers to fill them.

Use a tall vase and trim off all the ends of the flowers at an angle instead of straight across to allow the flowers to absorb water easier. Cut some flowers a little shorter than others so that you can vary the height a little bit. Change the water every day or use one teaspoon of bleach to kill bacteria, and this will help keep the flowers fresh longer.

If you like to use traditional colors such as red or pink, there are always lots of flower choices near Valentine’s Day. But if you prefer nontraditional colors for Valentine’s, then place flowers next to each other in the store and check to see if they are pleasing before purchasing. For a more antique look, buy flowers with softer colors. To achieve a bold look, then buy stronger colors.

The lip plates, by Meri Meri, are a strong red-orange color, so I used strong flower colors.

Click here to see this same table arranged with three flower arrangements and click here to see a simple version of this table in red and gold.

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