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Sparkly Pink for New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve table has non-traditional pink, black, and gold colors. See how easy it is to convert it from a Christmas table to a New Year’s sparkly party table.

Christmas Table

This table began as a pink Christmas table (below) with bottle brush trees, pink-wrapped presents, and gold and pink ornaments for the centerpiece. Then it was then changed into a sparkly table for New Year’s Eve. I’ll show you how easy it was to convert it into a celebration table!

Converting to a New Year’s Table

First, the Christmas centerpiece was removed. And then the napkins and their decorations were taken away. Finally, the glasses with gold were removed.

Change the Centerpiece

I added a sparkly blush pink sequined table runner to start the New Year’s Eve table.

Then I placed two fresh flower arrangements with white, pink, and plum-colored flowers in the center of the table. Also, I scattered some votive candles and roses between the arrangements. Unfortunately, I discovered that anything sparkly goes a long way, so I used fresh flowers and candles to finish the centerpiece. Additionally, I learned that sparkly objects placed on top of sequins don’t show up very well. So, for the best centerpiece look, mix a little sparkle with organic items such as flowers!

Add Tuxedo Napkins

I reused the pink chargers and gold flatware that were on the Christmas table. Although I switched the white plates for different white plates, the original plates were fine to use on this New Year’s table. Then I folded sparkly pink sequin napkins into “tuxedos” and made bow ties out of black ribbon and hot glue. (Click here to see how easy it is to fold the tuxedo napkins and make bow ties.)


The gold-trimmed drinkware from the Christmas table was replaced with more simple glasses so as not to compete with the sparkly table runner and napkins. Sometimes when there are too many dramatic elements on a table, they compete with each other and the table can seem overwhelming instead of pleasant and beautiful.

Differences Between the Two Tables

Taking away all the ornaments and wrapped presents removes the Christmas look this table had. Then replacing the centerpiece of bottle brush trees and pine greenery with a pink sequined table runner and flower arrangements gave the New Year’s table a fresh look that was an easy switch from the Christmas table.

Sequined Table Linens

It was easy to find affordable sequined table linens like the 20 x 20-inch blush-colored napkins and the blush/rose gold runner used for this New Year’s table. They come in different colors so you can create traditional New Year’s tables in black, silver, or gold. Or you can create a new look with an unexpected color.

Add Themed Place Cards

You can buy themed place cards to add to your table to show your guests where to sit. It is a thoughtful touch that adds visual interest and lets you decide the best seats for everyone ahead of time. You can also custom-make the cards to match your table. The place card below, designed by my daughter, has a blush-pink clock face to match the linens and the party theme.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Don’t forget to scatter a few New Year’s Eve noisemakers and your party table will be set!

The New Year’s Eve table is shown with one glass from the Christmas table and a more subdued glass. When trying to decide what suits your table best, let the centerpiece be the main focal point and let everything else support it.

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